MMS Spray

Do you only use the spray for skin conditions? (click to open)

I use it for everything, including deodorant because it kills bacteria.

If you don’t know what to use to treat something on the skin, try spraying the 20-drop spray mixture, no matter what it is.

Should we use only the spray? (click to open)


You should do internal doses also.

How long does the spray solution last? (click to open)

It will last up to two weeks, but if you are spraying it on the body several times a day, it will be used up faster than two weeks.

If I have a fungus on the toenails, should I spray it? (click to open)

Yes, spray it. But be sure to take it internally too.

MMS 2 or MMS 1 – Wash / spray (click to open)

Use MMS 2 as an antiseptic solution and spray or wash deep wounds or ulcers with a soution of MMS 2.

Mix 500 ml water with 2 capsules MMS 2.

As a standard…. wash it 3 times a day but if you see too much liquid… increase the number of times to wash it… follow the conditions.. no fixed rules….

MMS2 are great on wounds and deep cuts….. u can use to spray or wash the wounds…