Using DMSO

Mix the dmso with the mms or put it on top of the mms? (click to open)

Either way, but if you put it on top of it, do so quickly because it will deactivate pretty quickly.

Is it really important to cleanse the area before applying dmso? (click to open)

Yes if you have perfume-type lotions or anything on the skin.

Is it okay to apply it with a bare hand? (click to open)

It is better to use the plastic bag.

Why do we need to use a plastic bag to apply the dmso (click to open)

So that you do not stress the hand – it absorbs right away so even if you wash your hands right away, it is already absorbed.

How does it work on pain? (click to open)

It is a solvent, so the action of dmso is that it dissolves things, including blood clots, and of course pain.

Can it dissolve blood clots in the brain? (click to open)

Yes, if taken by mouth, every 15 minutes, diluted with juice, one or two teaspoons each dosage.

Should I take the dmso and mms protocol at the same time ? (click to open)

Yes, I don’t think it would hurt to take them at the same time.

So activate the mms, add dmso to this? (click to open)

I would make them up separate, but no time in between the dosages is needed.

I worry about mixing them together in the same glass, but not about doing the dosages at the same time.

Where can I get DMSO ? (click to open)

You can order high quallity products on this site here

They produce in USA and UK and ship to any destination on our globe.

All their products are of the best grade !