Using MMS1

Using MMS (click to open)

Using MMS is quit simple:

You mix 1 drop of MMS with 1 drop of 50% Citric Acid, wait 20 seconds until it’s color change to yellowisch/brown and then add 1/2 glass of water.

Drink this solution.

How do you administer a ¼ drop dose? (click to open)

Make up a 1 drop dose, add your water or juice, and then pour out ¾ of the dose.

After you throw out ¾ of the dose, can you add water to what is left? (click to open)

Yes, you can do that if you are trying to dilute it and cover up the taste. The mms does not become less effective when it is diluted.

How many times per day? (click to open)

Eight times per day, every hour.

What is the maximum number of drops we should use? (click to open)


You could use more than that, but you probably will not have to.

Only in the case of malaria will you have to go to the higher dosage.

Does it need to be in glass, or is plastic okay? (click to open)

No one has had any trouble that I know of with any type of plastic container.

Is a dark bottle required? (click to open)

It doesn’t matter since you are using up the dosages in the course of one day.

But don’t let it sit in the sun.

Does it lose potency throughout the day? (click to open)

After you add the water or juice, it will not lose potency.

You have about ten minutes to add the water or juice to lock it into the liquid.

Can you activate MMS right in a capsule? (click to open)

No, because it will explode in the throat when you take it.

This can burn the esophagus, of course.

How much water should we drink with the capsule? (click to open)

At least an ounce of water per drop, but more is better.

Where can I get MMS ? (click to open)

You can order high quallity products on this site here

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