Using MMS2

How should we administer the MMS2? (click to open)

Every other hour.

MMS every hour, plus MMS2 every other hour.

Take the mms2 on the half hour, in between the mms doses, for a total of four times per day.
Start slowly and be sure to drink lots of water with the mms2 dosage.

I generally start off with ½ of an mms2 capsule and increase from there.

What size capsules do we use for the mms2 dosages? (click to open)

Size 0 capsules are what we used – and you should use this size also, in order to standardize the dosage.

If I encounter a situation where I can only tolerate ¼ capsule, should I administer that 8x? (click to open)


When someone experiences the herxheimer reaction (nausea, diarrhea), you should reduce the dosage until you are not sick from taking the dosages at all.

Can I take only two capsules per day if necessary? (click to open)

Yes, but be sure to get to that second dosage as quickly as possible.

You can leave more time between the dosages if necessary.

So I just dump the capsule into the water and drink it? (click to open)


We have drunk it just to see if we could, but there are a lot of people who cannot tolerate it, which is why we put it into capsules.

It smells and tastes very strong, and most people cannot tolerate it.

In order to be sure that the MMS2 gets into the body, put it into the capsules and take it that way.

What about adding alcohol to the mms? (click to open)

Well, don’t mix mms2 and alcohol ever.

Where can I get MMS 2 ? (click to open)

You can order high quallity products on this site here

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