FAQ (41)

Does food cancel out the mms dosage? (click to open)

You should separate your eating and the mms dosage by a half hour. If you’ve just eaten, wait ½ hour before taking the mms, and vice versa.
It is very important to remember that you should not drink any liquids that contain vitamin C because vitamin C counteracts mms.

Separate your mms dosages and vitamin C by 2-3 hours.

This does not include naturally occurring vitamin C, only added vitamin

So what do we believe? (click to open)

We believe everyone has the right to live free of disease and to take anything they want in order to cure any disease.
That is our most important belief.

What is MMS and where can I get it ? (click to open)

MMS is the shortform for Master Mineral Solution
You can order high quallity products on this site here http://www.mmsforhealth.com/

They produce in USA and UK and ship to any destination on our globe.

What is MMS made from? (click to open)

MMS is a 22.4% solution of Sodium Chlorite, NaClO2

Should I eat a little bit before the dosage? (click to open)

Yes, that is a good point.
A little bit of food in the stomach will help keep people from getting sick in almost every case.

Can I use orange juice? (click to open)

No !
In all cases, don’t add orange juice to the mms dosages.

Don’t drink orange juice within 2-3 hours of taking your mms dosages.
Use any natural juice that contains no added vitamin C or preservatives.

How long should I continue with Protocol ? (click to open)

Until you get well.

When you are feeling better, you can back off of on the amount of drops per hour, but keep going for at least one week longer, just to be sure that all of the pathogens have been killed off.

Then move on to the maintenance dose regimen.

How does MMS distinguish between the healthy molecule and the pathogen molecule? (click to open)

The voltages of the molecules determine what substance the molecule will attract to itself.

What about the acid/alkaline principles of health and disease? (click to open)

I know a lot of people who tried to kill their cancer by making the body more alkaline and most of them are dead.
Baking soda has even cured some people, I admit, but there are a whole lot of others that it didn’t help at all.

MMS always kills pathogens.
Also, making your body very alkaline could bring death faster because the body is completely alkaline when dead.

Balance is the key.

Can mms cause anemia? (click to open)

No, we’ve never had any indication of this at all.

If you miss the hour mark, does this mess up the protocol? (click to open)

I wouldn’t worry too much, as long as you don’t do it often.
The minute you realize you missed the hour, take the dose right away.
Take a double dose to get caught up.

Can you make small doses of the hourly protocol, using only one ounce of liquid? (click to open)

No, it doesn’t matter how much liquid is added, it does not lose potency.

Does the mms get weaker when you add more water to it? (click to open)

No, it doesn’t matter how much liquid is added, it does not lose potency.

What about documenting these cures? (click to open)

Well, doctors don’t believe it, so it doesn’t matter.
People like us believe, but doctors don’t.

Do you need to be worried about false claims? (click to open)

You can’t guard against this.
The thing is if you get a few false claims, it won’t undo the other 5,000 claims.

Protocols for Children (click to open)

In general, the same protocols will apply to children as the ones that apply to adults, but you should use less mms.

Use one drop of mms per 25 pounds of body weight.

Does fast food feed candida? (click to open)

I find that people who are taking the maintenance doses are okay with eating that food.

How often should I use the enema, especially if I cannot retain it for longer than a few seconds? (click to open)

2-3 times per day if necessary or a minimum of three times per week. Make sure the senna has really cleaned you out. The stomach muscles should actually be sore because they are
working to break everything loose. Then gauge how often you need it at that point.

Can body odors be eliminated with mms? (click to open)

Yes, because the odor is caused by bacteria.

If I am taking anti-depressants, should I stop and get on mms instead? (click to open)

Add the mms slowly and decrease the anti-depressants until you feel feels better.

I am getting nausea from doing the protocol 1000. What should I do? (click to open)

Take less drops until the nausea is better?
Then increase as soon as possible.

What about treating children? (click to open)

Treat according to weight. The same protocols as adults, but only one drop per 25 pounds of body weight.

The chlorine that is in city water, what is that? (click to open)

It is chlorine and it is very bad for you.

Can you mix it with milk for babies? (click to open)

Yes, you can activate it and put it in milk.

The baby may not like the taste of it, though.

Can I kill pathogens on fish before I eat it? Or chicken? (click to open)

Yes, you can use it on both of those and then put it right on the fire to cook it afterward.

What about the negative responses from people around the world? (click to open)

I have never gotten any negative responses.

There are people that think it is chlorine, but there is no available chlorine in chlorine dioxide.
Think of table salt – there is no chlorine in it. Same with chlorine dioxide.

As soon as it destroys the pathogens, it becomes table salt.
A very tiny amount – 3 grains of table salt for a 6 drop dose.
The people who try to sabotage by sending out emails to say it is bleach, for example, those die out pretty quickly.

Do you think mms works better than chelation for heavy metal clearing? (click to open)

MMS is at least ten times better because in 2-3 weeks you can get all the metal out of the body.

With chelation it will take a year or two and thousands and thousands of dollars.

MMS works in a different way than chelation. Chelation surrounds the metals and then pulls them out and it takes a lot more time to do this. MMS destroys the metal compounds very quickly and then the metals leave the body right away.

It’s not the metals that connect to the body, only the compounds, as in tooth fillings.
Metals cannot connect to anything in the body.

What is your opinion about cancer – is it a fungus or a virus? (click to open)

I think it’s been pretty well settled.
The reason people say otherwise is because of the American Medical Association.
Back in 1930, William Koch and Royal Rife both proved that cancer is a pleomorphic microorganism, changing from one thing to another.

It’s usually a virus, but it can change to bacteria.
It changes according to the condition of the body.

Just recently a special microscope was invented to evaluate the cancer cells and take pictures of it. This guy was touted as the greatest scientist ever until the FDA started attacking him and all those on his side. So then everyone was claiming they never heard of him. He was eventually put in prison. Koch died while he was defending himself.

He died completely financially ruined. The dark field microscope is specially developed and proving the same thing. It is a pleomorphic microorganism. And I might add that mms kills the pleomorphic microorganisms, no matter what their makeup.
A number of men have proven the same thing but the AMA keeps trying to shoot them down so to speak.
Pictures have been taken of cancer in all of the stages as it morphs from one to the other, so it has been scientifically proven.
The AMA would rather let you die than let the technology evolve.

So if I’m in the jungle without citric acid or a lemon or lime, I can still activate the mms with water? (click to open)

Yes, but it takes 24 hours.
In the jungle, if you were only going to add it to a glass of water, you want to put a lid on the glass so that it doesn’t evaporate as it generates.

To activate mms with lemon juice, you wait 20 seconds? (click to open)

No. It takes three minutes for the 10% citric acid to activate mms.

Will mms inflame a tumor (click to open)

No, it won’t. It will eliminate the inflammation.

What about pregnant women? (click to open)

Use it for any disease that wouldn’t be cured otherwise.
It is safe for pregnant women. Babies too – even the first hour they are born.

Wher I can buy MMS products ? (click to open)

You can order high quallity products on this site here http://www.mmsforhealth.com/

They produce in USA and UK and ship to any destination on our globe.

All their products are of the best grade !

MMS Spray (6)

Do you only use the spray for skin conditions? (click to open)

I use it for everything, including deodorant because it kills bacteria.

If you don’t know what to use to treat something on the skin, try spraying the 20-drop spray mixture, no matter what it is.

Should we use only the spray? (click to open)


You should do internal doses also.

How long does the spray solution last? (click to open)

It will last up to two weeks, but if you are spraying it on the body several times a day, it will be used up faster than two weeks.

If I have a fungus on the toenails, should I spray it? (click to open)

Yes, spray it. But be sure to take it internally too.

MMS 2 or MMS 1 – Wash / spray (click to open)

Use MMS 2 as an antiseptic solution and spray or wash deep wounds or ulcers with a soution of MMS 2.

Mix 500 ml water with 2 capsules MMS 2.

As a standard…. wash it 3 times a day but if you see too much liquid… increase the number of times to wash it… follow the conditions.. no fixed rules….

MMS2 are great on wounds and deep cuts….. u can use to spray or wash the wounds…

Practical uses (1)

Wounds (click to open)

Spray right into the wound.

The sooner you get it sprayed onto the wound, the better.

You’ll stop any infection that might occur.

Using DMSO (11)

Mix the dmso with the mms or put it on top of the mms? (click to open)

Either way, but if you put it on top of it, do so quickly because it will deactivate pretty quickly.

Is it really important to cleanse the area before applying dmso? (click to open)

Yes if you have perfume-type lotions or anything on the skin.

Is it okay to apply it with a bare hand? (click to open)

It is better to use the plastic bag.

Why do we need to use a plastic bag to apply the dmso (click to open)

So that you do not stress the hand – it absorbs right away so even if you wash your hands right away, it is already absorbed.

How does it work on pain? (click to open)

It is a solvent, so the action of dmso is that it dissolves things, including blood clots, and of course pain.

Can it dissolve blood clots in the brain? (click to open)

Yes, if taken by mouth, every 15 minutes, diluted with juice, one or two teaspoons each dosage.

Should I take the dmso and mms protocol at the same time ? (click to open)

Yes, I don’t think it would hurt to take them at the same time.

So activate the mms, add dmso to this? (click to open)

I would make them up separate, but no time in between the dosages is needed.

I worry about mixing them together in the same glass, but not about doing the dosages at the same time.

Where can I get DMSO ? (click to open)

You can order high quallity products on this site here http://www.mmsforhealth.com.com/

They produce in USA and UK and ship to any destination on our globe.

All their products are of the best grade !

Using MMS1 (11)

Using MMS (click to open)

Using MMS is quit simple:

You mix 1 drop of MMS with 1 drop of 50% Citric Acid, wait 20 seconds until it’s color change to yellowisch/brown and then add 1/2 glass of water.

Drink this solution.

How do you administer a ¼ drop dose? (click to open)

Make up a 1 drop dose, add your water or juice, and then pour out ¾ of the dose.

After you throw out ¾ of the dose, can you add water to what is left? (click to open)

Yes, you can do that if you are trying to dilute it and cover up the taste. The mms does not become less effective when it is diluted.

How many times per day? (click to open)

Eight times per day, every hour.

What is the maximum number of drops we should use? (click to open)


You could use more than that, but you probably will not have to.

Only in the case of malaria will you have to go to the higher dosage.

Does it need to be in glass, or is plastic okay? (click to open)

No one has had any trouble that I know of with any type of plastic container.

Is a dark bottle required? (click to open)

It doesn’t matter since you are using up the dosages in the course of one day.

But don’t let it sit in the sun.

Does it lose potency throughout the day? (click to open)

After you add the water or juice, it will not lose potency.

You have about ten minutes to add the water or juice to lock it into the liquid.

Can you activate MMS right in a capsule? (click to open)

No, because it will explode in the throat when you take it.

This can burn the esophagus, of course.

How much water should we drink with the capsule? (click to open)

At least an ounce of water per drop, but more is better.

Where can I get MMS ? (click to open)

You can order high quallity products on this site here http://www.mmsforhealth.com/

They produce in USA and UK and ship to any destination on our globe.

All their products are of the best grade !

Using MMS2 (9)

How should we administer the MMS2? (click to open)

Every other hour.

MMS every hour, plus MMS2 every other hour.

Take the mms2 on the half hour, in between the mms doses, for a total of four times per day.
Start slowly and be sure to drink lots of water with the mms2 dosage.

I generally start off with ½ of an mms2 capsule and increase from there.

What size capsules do we use for the mms2 dosages? (click to open)

Size 0 capsules are what we used – and you should use this size also, in order to standardize the dosage.

If I encounter a situation where I can only tolerate ¼ capsule, should I administer that 8x? (click to open)


When someone experiences the herxheimer reaction (nausea, diarrhea), you should reduce the dosage until you are not sick from taking the dosages at all.

Can I take only two capsules per day if necessary? (click to open)

Yes, but be sure to get to that second dosage as quickly as possible.

You can leave more time between the dosages if necessary.

So I just dump the capsule into the water and drink it? (click to open)


We have drunk it just to see if we could, but there are a lot of people who cannot tolerate it, which is why we put it into capsules.

It smells and tastes very strong, and most people cannot tolerate it.

In order to be sure that the MMS2 gets into the body, put it into the capsules and take it that way.

What about adding alcohol to the mms? (click to open)

Well, don’t mix mms2 and alcohol ever.

Where can I get MMS 2 ? (click to open)

You can order high quallity products on this site here http://mmsforhealth.com/

They produce in USA and UK and ship to any destination on our globe.

All their products are of the best grade !