MMS has been labeled WPS recently

You may sometimes wonder why MMS has been labeled WPS recently. Well to put it into perspective, there has been multiple cases where the EPA and FDA restrict the sale of MMS due to the fact that it is recommended for internal use.

It became a part of the FDA’s rules and regulations; it is illegal now to put MMS1 or MMS2 on a bottle. MMS1 and MMS2 are now called WPS1 and WPS2, respectively. WPS stands for “Water Purification Solution”. Most WPS suppliers have switched over to the new names, so it is wise to be aware of the upcoming changes. Although FDA and the EPA have decided that MMS is not to be used internally and you should consult a professional physician, the bottom line on how to use the product is left up to the consumer. No supplier will tell you how to use MMS to treat any disease or pathogens. If they do, then they are subject to being prosecuted by the FDA or the EPA.