Taking supplement while on MMS Protocols:

Vitamins/Minerals,and all other supplements should be stopped for a time while on MMS protocols.This includes food with high amounts of antioxidants. MMS removes poisons and destroys bio-films that protect pathogens. MMS then kills the pathogens, and this aids in healing. Supplements not only aid the body,but feed the pathogens too! Unfortunately, most of the time the pathogens trying to get nutrients from the supplements and thus people are furnishing nutrients to the disease while also trying to kill it at the same time. For this reason, supplements can slow down the healing or even stop the recovery. After you’ve been on protocol for two or three weeks, and has followed all the MMS protocol, then they might going back taking supplements if they want to. Separate all supplements from every MMS dosages by two hours minimum. Listen you our body to determine if the supplements are helpful or it is slowing down the healing process.


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