MMS: Miracle Mineral Supplement: Burn Victim:

Any burn should be sprayed with full strength MMS Miracle Mineral Element (no acid added) directly from a small spray bottle.

Do not add citric acid or lemon juice at all. No spray bottle? No problem. Apply MMS Miracle Mineral Element directly onto the burn, making sure the area is soaked with MMS (Miracle Mineral Element).
Wait up to five minutes (longer is not recommended) before rinsing off. If you fail to rinse off, the burn will continue to hurt. On the other hand if you do rinse within 5 minutes the burn will heal in 1/4 the time normally required to heal. The pain should stop immediately or reduce to almost zero within several minutes even on badly burned skin.
Sunburn: Miracle Mineral Element

MMS: Miracle Mineral Element: Sunburns

Sunburns should be treated the same way. Spray the red area with Miracle Mineral Element wait 1 to 5 minutes, and rinse off. If the area is still sore, in about an hour spray the area again and wait 5 minutes before rinsing off. Remember, do not allow the MMS Miracle Mineral Element to stay in place. It must be rinsed off. The pain should be gone in a couple of minutes. Generally two doses will overcome most sunburns, but on rare occasions if the discomfort is not all gone you can use a third dose. Be sure to rinse it off.

Note that MMS Miracle Mineral Element is alkaline and the burns need the alkalinity of the MMS Miracle Mineral Element to neutralize the acidity that resides in the burned areas. This is part of the reason why burns heal rapidly after the MMS applications.