Children have smaller dosages and require different instructions to use MMS.

There have always been pregnant women and babies treated with MMS Miracle Mineral Element  since the year 2000 when MMS Miracle Mineral Element was invented, although many more have been treated after 2004. Some of the women at the hospitals had malaria, but there were a number of other diseases and problems most of which were overcome as they used MMS Miracle Mineral Element  according to various methods and tested procedures.

One of the babies I treated in 2004 is on You-tube. You can see it [ Here ] – titled “Malaria Baby.” I treated hundreds of people and their babies that year. That baby had a fever of 104 degrees which came down in two hours to 101 degrees. There were at that time many pregnant women who were treated. I was at a mission hospital in Kenya. The doctors there were following my recommendations.

A couple of web sites have written that you should not risk giving MMS Miracle Mineral Element  to pregnant women or babies. One web site said, “Take this very seriously.” Almost as if babies were going to be harmed. Well all that web site is going to do is result in the death of some babies and pregnant women.

MMS Miracle Mineral Element has saved the lives of quite a few babies so far. If people read those web sites and are afraid to treat a sick baby that only MMS Miracle Mineral Element  might have saved, the baby is not going to be saved. These people all of a sudden decide that for some reason they know best. They don’t bother to ask me, or review the evidence. They just start sounding off. If they really knew what they were talking about that would have been OK.

I realize that I don’t know everything and that I am not one of the world’s greatest scientists. I am not a scientist at all. I’m an inventor, however, and inventors are responsible for more important changes on this earth than any other group. The inventors create probably most of the really radical inventions and the scientists then take over and make them better. So that’s what I am hoping for, that many scientists will come along and make MMS treatments even better.

But what we don’t need is people coming along and deciding they know best from ignorance and then refusing to search out the facts. One girl, with no knowledge at all, told me that since MMS Miracle Mineral Element  kills all the flora in the stomach I should advise everyone not to take it for more than a week or so. Well it doesn’t kill the flora in the stomach.

MMS Miracle Mineral Element  is a weak oxidizer that cannot oxidize normal body cells, or the beneficial bacteria in the body or in the digestive tract or any place else. I have used it on rashes and the most terrible things on the baby’s skin. It has never caused a bad reaction on the baby’s skin. I used a strong solution 3 times stronger than the strongest recommended dose by mouth to spray my own skin in the most sensitive areas of my body everyday several times a day for more than a year. At the end of a year there was absolutely no difference in my skin where sprayed as opposed to areas where it was not sprayed.

Pregnant women should have at least a maintenance dose of 6 drops a day. It will maintain their immune system at peak condition that is needed for all pregnant women.

There are thousands of web sites talking about MMS Miracle Mineral Element on the Internet. A few give bad data. I can’t check them all. I don’t have the time to cover that many sites and talk to the owners. But this is serious business. Lives are at stake. We are not talking about the nicest DVD or a great movie, we are talking about people’s lives.

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For someone to just write up their opinion without checking the facts is extremely irresponsible. Up to this point out of hundreds of thousands of people following my recommendations, there have been no reported terrible situations such as a death. There are many things that only MMS will treat successfully. So if a baby has one of those diseases or conditions, please treat him or her. (See my list of “methods.” A baby can usually take one drop activated with 5 drops of lemon juice or citric acid 10% solution, added to a baby bottle of juice.)

Also, I know those people were just trying to make sure babies and pregnant women were not subjected to something that could hurt them. I know that they were trying to do what they thought was best. Good people always are, so if you can please tell those who are misleading people concerning babies and pregnant women to ask me, or read my site, or read my book.