It would have been simpler if MMS had been able to handle everything in the disease world, but there seems to be a fungus that MMS simply doesn’t touch. In fact, MMS seems to feed the fungus. This fungus can occur in the the feet, or hands, or most any other place in the body.

It is not athlete’s feet, it is much worse. All the athletes foot sprays and powders do not touch it. It can occur on the skin, and it seems to be much worse than any other skin infection. It itches and burns terribly and it appears to be under the skin as well as on the skin. It makes the skin slightly puff up, and it looks bad and it gets worse.

The name of this fungus has not been identified. It can last for years. I don’t know if it has ever been fatal, but it seems to be very bad and sometimes it can get into the mouth and gums and cause much suffering. It also happens on the head or scalp where it causes havoc.

This particular fungus reacts to MMS with a stinging burning pain. It will almost always be worse after being treated with MMS. Your feet can be so bad that you cannot walk. This is the only way to identify it that I know of.

Luckily this particular fungus is rather rare. It does not happen in very many people. However, I have included it here as I do not know any other treatment than what I am about to tell of.

So if you have athlete’s feet that will not go away, or gum disease that MMS will not cure in less than one week, or skin disease that just can’t be treated successfully, then this is what to do, and don’t worry, it won’t do any harm.

Go to most any health food store and buy a jar of Aztec Clay. In foreign countries they have other clays that will work. All the clays for this purpose are Bentonite and in France it is called Montmorillonite. Mix this clay 50-50 with Vaseline (petroleum jelly). Then smear it on the various areas. If your problem is in the feet, smear it on the feet and cover it with thick socks. If it is on the skin, smear it on the entire area of the infection.

If you do not use the Vaseline it will not work very well. Vaseline makes it contact the skin and tissues and does something that makes it work much better. Only in the mouth would I not use the Vaseline and even there if it didn’t work otherwise I would still use it. Just brush your teeth with the Aztec Clay powder just like using any particular tooth powder. Brush them gently, but three or four times a day.

The fungus infection should clear up in about one week. However, I would keep a light coating on for a month or so. This treatment has helped a number of people so far.

One more thing: There is always the possibility of getting a similar fungus infection inside the body. In that case, use the same clay inside the body by taking it by mouth. Start with 1 teaspoon of clay in ½ glass of water or juice and in several days work up to 2 tablespoon full’s (rounded) a day.

Similarly, molecular silver solution that has produced very good results. Some people use this two hours after MMS doses to speed or supplement the MMS germicidal benefits. Molecular silver is superior to most colloidal silver because it is manufactured with high volages and is much higher in germicidal action. A search on the Internet will direct you to suppliers that have these products.

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