MMS can be used for all kinds of good things.

Since it’s a disinfectant, it can be used in place of things like antipacterial soap and sanitizers which are not good because they create drug-resistant pathogens.

MMS is used in place of bleach to clean bathrooms and kitchens. It can replace shower scrubs and tile whiteners, which are full of nasty chemicals and really are not good for you.

MMS can be used to extend the life of cut flower bouquets and help bring back diseased plants. It can be used to brighten glassware, shine porcelain, remove mildew from fabric, and much more.

MMS is probably the best food soak and scrub available. You can use it on fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foods. There are a lot of nasty things in food these days – a lot more than most people think. For a little more information on this, listen to the two disturbing interview excerpts in the section below this one from Bill Shepard, a member of the National Farm Crisis Coalition. Warning: rude awakening for some.
Great Home Uses for MMS

Mineral Solution is useful in many ways around the house. In fact, it can do the work of several products that you may already use while providing a much healthier and less toxic environment in your home. It is particularly important to consider the biological effects of your environment if you have young children at home, whose developing bodies and minds are extremely sensitive to toxins in cleaning products and other household chemicals.

MMS is a wonderful bleach alternative. Since the chemistry of miracle mineral products in slightly different than bleach, MMS not an exact bleach replacement. However, it can be used in place of bleach in most circumstances with much fewer negative side effects. Read our article on MMS and bleach for more details on this subject.

In this report, we have compiled many of the handy ways to use MMS at home. We hear regularly about new and exciting ways that people are using miracle mineral products to supplement their lives.
Preparing food

Miracle mineral supplement is far and away the best food cleaning product available. Using MMS to help prepare your meals is a powerful way to improve the quality of your food in your home.

Use a mild MMS and water solution as a rinse and scrub on vegetables before preparing them for salads or cooking. Add 10-15 drops of activated MMS to a pot of rinse water to rinse leafy greens, brush off mushrooms, or clean any other produce you prepare.

For poultry, fish, beef, and other meats, use mirale mineral supplement as a safeguard against pathogens hiding in the meat. MMS can be used as either a scrub or a soak to help keep your meat products safe to eat.

As a scrub, activate 5-10 drops of MMS and add to a half cup of water. Use this solution to rub firmly onto the surface of a fish fillet, chicken breast, steak, or other meat item. Allow the solution to stay on the surface of the meat for a few minutes, then rinse off.

As a soak, activate 5-15 drops of MMS and add to enough water to cover your meat items in a dish or pan. Submerge your meat items in the MMS soak solution as you prepare other items in the meal or preheat the oven. When you are ready to use the meat, rinse it off and drain the rinse solution, or add a few more drops of activated MMS and reuse to soak for another item.

We have noticed, and have heard from others, that after preparing a large amount of food with MMS rinse, there is often a noticable residue left behind after soaking some produce. We recently made a broccoli soup which used two pounds of non-organic broccoli. After scrubbing the broccoli with a miracle mineral soak solution, we cut the broccoli into small pieces and soaked it in the sink in a mild MMS solution for one hour. We noticed a thin, waxy coating on top of the water that had been left behind by the MMS cleaning off pesticides, herbicides and processing gunk from the surface of the broccoli. Needless to say, this is better left off of your food than staying on for you to eat.
Cleaning and disinfecting in the kitchen

Studies have shown that the average kitchen sink and sponge contain up to ten times more baceteria than the average toilet! When it comes to keeping the kitchen clean, miracle mineral supplement is a sensible alternative to both bleach, which can create toxic byproducts, and antibacterial cleaning soaps, which create drug-resistant germs.

Use a mild miracle mineral and water solution whenever you want to disinfect your kitchen counter, sink, sponges, or cutting boards. MMS is the perfect thing for wooden cutting boards because unlike bleach, it does not create toxic byproducts when it interacts with wood. For more information on this chemistry, read our article on MMS and bleach bleach.

To keep your kitchen sponges and brushes clean, activate ten drops of miracle mineral solution and add to a cup of water. Soak your sponges or brushes overnight every few days to keep them germ-free.

MMS can also be used to put more sparkle into your glassware. Add 30 drops of activated miracle mineral solution to your dishwater and soak your glassware for several minutes. Rinse well and towel dry.
Cleaning off mold and mildew

MMS can be added to your loads of laundry to wash mildew out of washable clothing and fabrics. Wet the mildewed section of fabric and scrub in liquid or powdered detergent onto the area. Then wash the fabric in warm water. Activate 30 to 60 drops of MMS and add to the wash water instead of bleach. No trihalomethanes in your wash water and the miracle mineral solution does not wear your clothing down the way industrial bleach products do.

MMS is an excellent addition to and in some cases a replacement for many cleaning products. Activate 30 to 60 drops and add to a cup of warm water. Use a cloth or spray bottle to apply the activated MMS and water to your shower walls and floor tiles. Let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe or scrub away and rinse off. A strong miracle mineral and water mix can brighten the grout between floor and wall tiles. You can also use an MMS and warm water mix on your rubber shower mat and shower curtain to remove mildew buildup.

A strong miracle mineral and water solution can also remove mildew and stains on cement, brick, stone, and other outdoor surfaces. Use a wire brush to scrub MMS and water onto patio stones, foundation walls, or exposed concrete surfaces.
General disinfecting

Miracle mineral supplement can be used all over the house for general disinfecting purposes. A paper towel sprayed with MMS and water makes a great disinfecting rag for wiping doorknobs, railings, banisters, and other regularly touched objects at home. This is particularly relevant during winter months when flu germs roam freely.

MMS is great for cleaning fish tanks. Add a few drops of activated miracle mineral solution to your cleaning water the next time you clean your fish tank. A story related to an MMS forum tells of a woman who saved her fish when it was belly-up by dropping miracle mineral supplement into the tank water :)
Plants and Flowers

The next time you have a bouquet at home, or have clipped yourself an arrangement of flowers from your garden, activate a drop of miracle mineral solution and add it to your flower water with a pinch of sugar. Your flowers will last noticeably longer!

Use MMS to disinfect gardening tools that you have used to prune diseased portions from your plants. This will stop the tools from spreading the disease to other plants the next time you use them.

If you have a houseplant that is diseased, wilting, or seem unhealthy in any way, try using a miracle mineral and water solution on the affected areas. Activate six drops of MMS and add to a tablespoon of water. Use this to dab onto plant stems and leaves that show signs of weakness or disease. Let the MMS stay on the plant surface for up to two minutes, then wash the area with water to remove the MMS.