MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions: Life Threating

In all cases of life threatening diseases use Miracle Mineral Solutions MMS protocol 2000 as given.

Miracle Mineral Solutions MMS: in the case of cancer, look under cancer heading on the front page. In the case of a life threatening infection such as Staph infections see the directions below. The Miracle Mineral MMS 3000 protocol can be used topically, but it isn’t as strong but there is taking MMS orally. The Miracle Mineral MMS PROTOCOL 2000 is for cancer and other life threatening diseases. It basically is taking as many drops of activated The Miracle Mineral MMS each hour as a person can take without becoming any sicker, or feeling worse, or developing diarrhea. It must be done for 10 hours a day, for 3 weeks or until well. It is best to start off with only one drop an hour and quickly build up to as many drops as you can take, again let me say, “without without feeling worse.”

Remember all MMS drops must be activated as given below. Please take this to heart, do not make yourself sicker than you already are. Take as many drops as you can, but easy dose it. Making yourself sicker uses up energy and makes the recovery go slower. Please see The Miracle Mineral MMS PROTOCOL 2000 for detailed instructions.

The Miracle Mineral MMS: Staph Infections:

Staph has killed many people in the US and world, yet The Miracle Mineral MMS cleans it up quickly and easily usually within a day or two. It is a simple treatment to the infected area, but you should also start on Protocol 1000 in addition to the treatment below. However, you must absolutely use the protocol given below.
Instructions for Staph: Use a glass or any container that has an open mouth that will fit over the staph area or at least over the staph opening in the skin. Something like a glass or cup would be best. The glass must be clean and dry. Put 6 drops of The Miracle Mineral MMS in the bottom and add six drops of 50% citric acid, shake gently to mix and put the mouth of the cup across the staph infection so that the infection is inside of the mouth of the glass and there is no opening from which the MMS gas (chlorine dioxide) can escape. You should see a slight yellow gas in the glass. Hold this glass in place for no longer than 5 minutes.

Remover the glass and squeeze lightly. Blood and puss should immediatly pour out of the infection. If it does not, wait two hours and do another 5 minute session. You must be sure that there is chlorine dioxide gas in the glass. You must see a yellow gas in the glass. You should use 50% citric acid and you should put the glass over the staph infection immediately after adding the citric acid. Do not wait. If you only have 10% citric acid, then follow this exact same procedure but hold the glass in place for 7 minutes instead of 5.