Miracle Mineral Solutions: Malaria

These suggestions are based on the personal treatment by Jim Humble of thousands of people who had failed to respond to any other treatments against malaria. Many were dying or near to death and alive and well today. Adults are first given 15 drops. Each drop of MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions  is always activated with either 5 drops of 10% citric acid solution or full strength lemon or lime juice. Once the juice or citric acid is added, one must wait 3 minutes before adding 1/2 glass of water or apple or pineapple juice. The drink is immediately consumed. One must wait only one hour and then will be given a second dose of the same size. All symptoms of malaria should be gone after 4 hours beyond the second dose.

If all the symptoms are not gone on the following morning or even later that evening a third dose of 15 drops of MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions should be give to adults and made in the same way as given above. Please note, always add 5 drops of acid to each drop of MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions so use 75 drops of citric or lemon with the 15 drops of MMS. Then wait 3 minutes, add 1/2 glass of water or juice, and drink. One must then wait only an hour. Then the victim should be given the fourth dose the same as above using 15 drops for an adult and half dose for a child. The patient should be malaria free within 12 hours. However, with any malaria victim that continues to be sick after 4 hours, they should continue to receive doses at 1 hour intervals but reduce the number of drops in a dose to 3 drops per dose and once per hour. If the patient is nauseous reduce the number of drops per dose. Continue as long as the patient is sick, but continue with doses no more than three drops per hour. Children and babies will be given reduced doses and monitored for nausea as well.