What is The New Miracle Mineral Solutions : Miracle Mineral Solutions 2: MMS 2

Can an amazing Miracle Mineral Solutions product be even better? There is a new Miracle Mineral Supplement being introduced, called MMS 2. The mechanism is somewhat different than Miracle Mineral Solutions MMS1 (chlorine dioxide). MMS1 oxidizes the pathogens directly, by pulling away the electrons that hold their molecules together.

MMS 2: Miracle Mineral Solutions 2

Miracle Mineral Solutions 2 MMS2 (Hypochlorous acid) acts in a different manner. It destroys microorganisms by carrying oxygen to the microorganism and then the oxygen destroys the organism. Of course, once the Hypochlorous acid delivers the oxygen, the destruction is the same. The oxygen pulls off the electrons that hold the pathogen’s skin together.

Miracle Mineral Solutions MMS1 and MMS2 are chemicals that the human immune system has been using for hundreds of thousands of years. There are thousands of research papers that explain that and it has been known for more than 50 years. It’s pretty hard to understand why medical people haven’t been using those two chemicals to enhance the immune system for all these year, but they never have. In my opinion and from the people I have already seen recover or at least get a lot better, you have better than 90% chance of recovery from any serious illness, to include stage IV cancer. If you go the medical route, according to The American Cancer Society you have less than a 3% chance of recovery. Interesting, right?

The choice is yours. We already made the decision about our health.