Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) and Jim Humble

Somehow I have developed numerous critics all around the planet. I thought in the beginning and for some time that critics would care about truth, common sense, logic, or common decency. And I also thought that radio stations, TV news casts and internet news casts would have some consideration about these same things. But no, none of these critics have shown the slightest consideration in those directions.

In 1996 Jim Humble discovered a formula (Protocols) using miracle substance mixed with a food grade acid—he called it MMS (Master Mineral Solution). Since that time MMS has proven to restore partial or full health to hundreds of thousands of people suffering from a wide range of diseases.
MMS is a weak oxidizer that when used properly can run through the human body destroying disease pathogens and the poisons that they create, while doing no harm to the body. It is estimated that more than 20,000,000 people have used MMS Protocols to date and there have been hundreds of thousands of lives saved and many more improved.
More about Jim Humble
MMS Protocols Formula by Jim Humble
Jim Humble – man who discovered MMS Protocols
There are basically two kinds of critics.
1. Those who are lying and know they are lying
2. Those who believe their own rhetoric and are unwilling to
check what they are saying
The critics who lie about MMS Miracle Mineral Element are in some way connected to the
pharmaceutical companies by money. They are the ones that are
talking to the public through TV, radio, and the internet or they are
doctors who dispense drugs of some kind. The doctor makes money
from the drug. They are also the commentators and the writers of the
news. They are among the evil people of this world, as they prevent
thousands from being relieved of their suffering, or they cause them
to die when they could have lived out a good life.
About Decency
Five million people have used MMS Miracle Mineral Element . Jim Humble has treated more
than 5000 people personally. Several hundred thousand lives have
been saved. But what if MMS Miracle Mineral Element didn’t work and no one had been
saved? Would it not still be common decency to at least say, “I don’t
know, but I’ll at least check MMS out.” If MMS Miracle Mineral Element does work and you
tell people it doesn’t, they will go away and continue to suffer when
that isn’t necessary. It would be common decency to consider one’s
responsibility to others. If you talk off of the top of your head without
checking the data, and your data is wrong, you can cost someone
their life or cause much suffering. Being responsible for what you
say concerning things such as MMS Miracle Mineral Element  is just common decency.
However, decency has not been a priority. All critics have refused to
check the facts. A decent critic would have:
• Read the chemistry instead of assuming that they know it;

Checked one or two people who claim to be healed; and/or
• Tried it for themselves.
About Truth
When someone just begins talking because he thinks he knows the
truth about something without checking, especially something that
affects people’s lives, it shows he cares little for the truth and little for
people’s lives, and he thinks that somehow he knows the truth about
all things. If he didn’t think that, he would not act as if he knows all
things and does not need to check the truth. All the critics have acted
in this way. That is true because those who have checked the truth
are no long critics.

Miracle Mineral Element : About Common Sense and Logic

One might not blame too heavily an uneducated yokel from Alabama for not understanding the logic, but people with doctor’s degrees should have the decency and intelligence to at least use common logic in their critical remarks. But again, all the critics have refused to look at the common logic of it because that means that they would have to read some chemistry.
Either that, or, as mentioned above, they are connected to the pharmaceuticals in some way by money.
So let me just cover several points of logic that the critics refuse to observe. Someone once said that there is no one more blind than those who won’t see. And of course the critics fit that description exceptionally well.
You may ask at this point, why do you include all critics? Might some of them be right? Well, the point is:
All critics who have checked their data are no longer critics!
Those who refuse to see are still critics and that includes the educated ones, doctors and scientists as well as yokels. I have successfully treated more than 5000 sick people, yet I have medical doctors telling me that I am lying and they know I am a liar.
I want to say a little about the logic of MMS Miracle Mineral Element and ask you to use your plain old logic which I call just common sense. You would think that the critics would have found something that it makes sense to criticize, but no, they don’t seem to care about making sense.
The Critics’ False Claims
Critics’ False Claim #1
There is no way that MMS (chlorine dioxide) can differentiate
between pathogens and beneficial bacteria.
The critics seem to grasp on to this notion with extreme force and
without checking anything but their own beliefs.
Fact #1
There are differences between pathogens and beneficial bacteria.
• Pathogens create a waste material that is poisonous to the
body. That’s why they make you sick with a disease. Many
of them will eventually kill the body with their waste poisons
(that is their disease). On the other hand:
• Beneficial bacteria do not generate any poisonous material.
Wouldn’t you believe that a little logic would at least make you
think there might be a way of differentiating between the two
different kinds of microorganisms? One generates a poison
and the other does not.
Fact #2
All organisms and body cells and even liquids have an ORP
(Oxidation Reduction Potential) that can be either positive or
negative. The ORP is the electrical charge that cells exert on other
things in their immediate environment. Oxidizers also have an ORP,
mostly called Oxidation Potential, and all oxidizers have a positive
potential. Now an interesting point:
• All pathogens (poison producers) have a negative ORP; and
• All beneficial bacteria have a positive ORP.
The Fact #2 paragraph above is the data; now let’s look at the logic
of it.
Oxygen runs through the body killing many of the
pathogens but not killing any of the beneficial bacteria.
Every day the body uses oxygen to kill many of the pathogens
that cause inflammation. The oxygen is positively charged. The
beneficial bacteria are positively charged.

Now isn’t that funny. For thousands of years, oxygen has been
destroying pathogens while leaving beneficial bacteria unaffected,
and not one single critic leaps up and proclaims that nature is lying
and just trying to make money off the ignorant. But the fact is:
• If oxygen couldn’t kill pathogens without killing beneficial
bacteria, life would not exist as we know it on Earth today.
• The chemistry of MMS Miracle Mineral Element  (chlorine dioxide) is more likely to kill
pathogens and not kill beneficial bacteria than oxygen.
Remember your high school science class, “Positive charges repel
one another.” Thus the oxygen never touches the beneficial bacteria
and thus the beneficial bacteria are not destroyed. On the other hand,
pathogens have a negative ORP. Remember the rule that opposite
charges attract one another. Thus the pathogens are attracted to the
oxygen and are destroyed instantly.
Consider this: like oxygen, MMS (chlorine dioxide) is an oxidizer
except it has a much lower oxidation potential. The logical point is
that the chemistry is similar and it will not kill the beneficial bacteria
because they are positive and MMS Miracle Mineral Element   is positive. It repels the
beneficial bacteria. And like oxygen, it does kill pathogens. Because
of its positive charge, it is attracted to the negative poison generated
by the pathogens in the same manner as oxygen is attracted to the
pathogens. And like oxygen, it also destroys some of the poisons
generated by the pathogens. Health enthusiasts have proclaimed
the benefits of oxygen for a hundred years, and one of their basic
facts is that oxygen destroys poisons.
Another point of chemical data and logic: Human tissue cells also
have a weak positive charge. This gives MMS an advantage over
• Because it is a much weaker oxidizer than oxygen, with a much
lower oxidization potential, it can sink deeper into the tissues
than oxygen before it is destroyed by oxidation. Because it
can go deeper into the tissues, it kills more pathogens than
Critics’ False Claim #2
Since MMS (chlorine dioxide) is considered to be industrial bleach
and an oxidizer, it must diesel through the body, killing pathogens
and also destroying tissues, doing much damage. MMS is 28%

MMS chemical and thus is as strong as an industrial bleach.
The critics love referring to MMS as a “bleach”. They hope to create
an image of a person chugging down a bottle of Clorox.
Factual Point A
Any chemical on earth is poisonous in large quantities. In large
quantities, table salt will kill you.
Factual Point B
Only 3 drops are normally used in a dose of MMS. Those three
drops are diluted 675 times so instead of a 28% solution they make
a 0.00004% solution. I hope you understand percentages as that is
about one tenth the amount of chemical as the amount of salt that
you would put on your dinner.

For extreme cases of cancer, one
might use up to half the amount of MMS Miracle Mineral Element  chemical as salt you would
put on your dinner, or about a 0.00008% solution in half a glass of
water. Sorry critics, but this small dose cannot damage the body.
Factual Point C
Chlorine dioxide has never anywhere in the world been used as
a household bleach or a toilet cleaner or as any other kind of a
household cleaner.
Chlorine dioxide is not the same thing as Clorox and it is
used only in industry
Factual point D
Approximately 5 million people have used MMS Miracle Mineral Element  . All the claims of
liver damage and other body organs are pure fantasy. No such
damage to the liver has ever been recorded. Remember, body cells
repel from MMS Miracle Mineral Element  .
For one hundred years, MMS (chlorine dioxide) has been used in
industry. Over all those years critics cannot produce one single study
showing damage to a human body by chlorine dioxide unless it was
extremely concentrated chlorine dioxide thousands of times more
potent than MMS Miracle Mineral Element  .
• There are less than five cases of body damage known for
extremely concentrated chlorine dioxide and no deaths.
The only thing critics can point to are speculations by doctors who
do not understand the chemistry of chlorine dioxide. None of the doctors that are being critics have read the chemistry of chlorine
dioxide. They show their ignorance with every point they make.
Factual point E
The walls of your intestines, various organs, blood vessels, and even
your skin are at least 1/32 of an inch thick. The walls of a pathogen,
that is, its outer covering membrane, are about one ten thousandth
of an inch thick. That is at the very least 1000 times thinner than the
walls of body organs.
Do you see any difference there? The extremely diluted solution
of MMS tears through a 1/10,000 inch pathogen cell wall instantly,
but obviously can’t affect a wall thousands of times thicker – and
remember the body wall is going to repel MMS Miracle Mineral Element while the pathogen
wall is going to attract it. Only in accidental cases will the MMS Miracle Mineral Element
happen to hit against an organ wall and the destruction of a single
cell will not be noticed by the body.
But even if everyone one of those MMS Miracle Mineral Element molecules in a dose of MMS Miracle Mineral Element
hit the sides of body organs, or even if all of them hit only one organ,
it still wouldn’t do enough damage to make a difference. Do you see
the logic here?
• A couple of grains of 0.00008% MMS Miracle Mineral Element (chlorine dioxide)
solution is too weak to damage the body.
Critics’ False Claim #3
I have given 2 drops to a mouse and it didn’t kill him or even make him sick.

MMS Miracle Mineral Element  lasts in the body for less than 1.5 hours, by which point it has
turned into table salt and discharged oxygen which becomes carbon
dioxide. There is not enough of either one of those things to record.
Three drops diluted 675 times would be about a 0.00004% solution in
half a glass of water. Somebody said that the type of damage caused by chlorine dioxide can be determined and that it had been found
in her body, but again that is a lie. The only damage that chlorine
dioxide creates is oxidation and absolutely nothing else. Chlorine
dioxide turns into table salt and 2 drops of sodium chlorite make only
about 5 grains of salt. The best scientific equipment known to man
cannot trace 5 grains of table salt after two weeks in a body, as that
salt is distributed throughout the body and cannot be detected.
Once the oxidation is done, one cannot tell if it was done by oxygen
or by chlorine dioxide, or for that matter, by hydrogen peroxide or
ozone. There is no way that anyone could have determined that the
woman died from two drops of MMS Miracle Mineral Element . It could have been oxygen and
probably was, since there was 10,000 times as much oxygen in her
body as MMS Miracle Mineral Element . But the most likely thing is that the death wasn’t even
caused by oxidation. So you see there is no logic to blaming it on
MMS Miracle Mineral Element , or on oxygen for that matter.
Critics’ Avoidance of an Alarming Fact
900,000 people die from drugs in the USA alone every year and
pretty much the same number for the rest of the world.
All the critics seem to totally refuse to admit or confront this fact. That
is more than a million times more deaths recorded worldwide for
drugs than for MMS Miracle Mineral Element  and no-one worries about those deaths. None
of my critics jump up and say, “These drug companies are just after
money.” In fact the critics that I have talked to seem to think it is
OK that these people die. It just isn’t OK for MMS Miracle Mineral Element  because I am
supposedly making money from selling MMS Miracle Mineral Element .
But the fact is that I am not. I am the Bishop of the Genesis 2 Church.
The Church furnishes my apartment and food in the Dominican
Republic but pays me no salary. We make no money from the sales
of MMS. The Church income is from seminars and the sales of
DVDs, and this keeps the Church movement going. When I die, the
next Bishop will take over and nothing of the Church will go to my
relatives. I am a Corporation Sole, but recorded from the time of
Christ rather than in any present country.
Lack of logic is that:
It is OK for many people around the world to die from
drugs because those drugs are helping some other people.

My critics, some of them, actually said this to me. But that is not
logic – that is stupidity. It is evil. The fact is that none of those people
needed to have died. The idea that it is OK to kill thousands of people
in order to help some others is beyond ridiculous, but doctors buy
this logic, and the public has become accustomed to it.
On the other side of the coin, critics of all kinds have been stating
that MMS must be stopped because it might hurt someone. At the
same time, they have refused to look at the fact that MMS has healed
hundreds of thousands. That, they say, is just anecdotal information.
But the fact is that anecdotal information coming from thousands of
people is very useful. Does anybody see any illogic here? It’s OK for
drugs to kill thousands, but we have to stop using MMS Miracle Mineral Element  in case it
hurts someone.

Miracle Mineral Element  Some Logic for a Change
You should know that in all the world, with 5 million people who have
used MMS, only one person has ever been reported as dying while
on an MMS protocol and that person was simply too sick from the
beginning to be helped. But my people have got to try — as I always
say: “Never give up on anyone, no matter how bad off they appear.”
In this one case, we tried but failed.
I hope this evaluation of critics has enabled you to learn a little about
the MMS chemistry, and that now you will not be fooled by the critics’
smoke and mirrors. Please see our MMS World Court website at
www.mmsworldcourt.net for ongoing responses to current and
future statements made by critics. Please see our website www.
mmsworldcourt.net for ongoing responses from Jim Humble to the
FDA and their cohorts