MMS Protocol 4000: Information

This protocol is fantastic in that it seems to work almost as well as MMS1 Miracle Mineral Supplement on some diseases, but mostly on prostate problems, whether it’s cancer or other prostate problems, pig flu, any other normal sickness or any of the “incurable” diseases. If you do not notice a good improvement within two weeks, you should go to Protocol 2000. If you do notice any improvement, you should continue with this protocol.
The basics of this protocol are that adults or children take MMS2 (now changed to half a capsule or even less) every 2 hours all day long for 12 hours. Of course, children take less than adults. If you don’t have capsules, see the honey technique given below.

MMS Protocol 4000: General information howto use and prepare.

STEP 1. Amounts of MMS2 to take bi-hourly

In each case below, I have given several different ways to determine the correct amount to take. If you begin to notice nausea, reduce your hourly dose by at least 25% and keep reducing it as long as you notice nausea or other discomforts. But always increase back to the recommended dose as soon as you feel safe in doing so. If you feel that you would benefit from a little more, increase your dose by 25% for a time or two, but not much more than that.
Always keep in mind that to cause yourself nausea or diarrhea by taking a little extra will not help you heal faster. The nausea or diarrhea uses up healing energy and slows the healing down. Always reduce your intake if you notice nausea or diarrhea, or for that matter, any other discomfort caused by MMS2.
A 200 Pound Person …… would take one gram of calcium hypochlorite every other hour for 12 hours. That could be:
A 00 size capsule completely filled, or Half a teaspoon of the granules (in a couple of smaller size capsules if the 00 size is not available).

The best way to get an accurate half teaspoon is to fill the teaspoon by packing it with a knife to make it exactly level full. Then put the teaspoonful in a dish and carefully make two equal piles. Now you have a half teaspoonful in each pile. Always drink at least 8 ounces of water with any dose of MMS2
A 160 pound person …… would take 800 mg every two hours. That would be one size zero (0) capsule every two hours. Or you can make a teaspoon level full as in the above example, put it in a dish, and carefully make two equal piles. We’ll call the pile A and pile B. Miracle Mineral Supplement
Set aside pile A.
Divide pile B into two equal piles. Let’s call those two piles B1 and B2.
Add pile B1 to pile A and you will have approximately 750 mg which will be a close enough dose for the 160 pound person. Use an 8 ounce glass of water to wash it down.
A 100 pound person …
… would need 500 mg doses and that could be one size 1 capsule every two hours. Or following the above example, one could take a level teaspoon and divide it as given above and take pile B1 which, of course, would equal one quarter of the teaspoonful and that would make 500 mg for the 100 pound person.
Always drink at least one glass of water with any dose of MMS2
A 50 pound (23 kg) child …
… will need 250 mg every two hours. Again, divide a teaspoon of hypochlorite as given above. So that means you would take one of the two equal piles B1 or B2 made from pile B above and divide one of them into two equal piles which we will call B1a and B1b. Each will be 250 mg or approximately one size 2 capsule every 2 hours.
Always have the child drink at least 6 ounces of water with this dose of MMS2.
A 25 pound (11.4 kg) child …
… would need 125 mg each hour. Take half as much as for the 50 pound child given above — it would be a size 3 capsule every two hours. OR you could take one of the two piles made in the example above, which would be B1a or B1b, and divide it into two parts (half of B1a). It is approximately 125 mg.
The child should drink at least 4 ounces of water with this dose of MMS2.
For smaller children …… please decrease the dose appropriately for their weight. For example, half of 25 pounds would be close to 12 pounds so use half as much hypochlorite or a size 4 capsule.
All children should take at least 4 ounces of water with the MMS2 dose.
The Honey Technique …… is for those who do not have capsules or who cannot take them. Try to get a jar of raw honey without any preservetives. Be sure to check the label to see that no preservative or vitamin C has been added. Natural vitamin C already in the honey is not a problem. Put the honey in the refrigerator. It is absolutely necessary that the honey be at least as cold as a good refrigerator. Then measure out the correct amount of calcium hypochlorite for your bi-hourly dose and mix it into a very small amount of very cold honey about the same size as the pile of hypochlorite that you will take. Do not allow any water or moisture to mix in. Once you have mixed it, immediately put it on the front tip of a teaspoon and take it. Have a glass of water there to wash it down.
It must go down immediately as it will taste terrible when it begins to warm up.
Drink at least one glassful of water. If you do this right, there will be absolutely no problem and no taste.

WARNING. Do not try to use honey at room temperature. It will not work, because the honey will begin a reaction with the calcium hypochlorite immediately and the taste will keep you from getting it down your throat. If you do not have a refrigerator, buy some ice and put the honey jar in ice water. Or better still, put a small amount of honey in a plastic bag and put that in the ice water. THE HONEY MUST BE COLD.
The water is important. The 200 lb. person, 160 lb. person, and the 100 lb. person should drink at least 8 ounces of water with the honey and MMS2 dose. See above for the amount of water that should be taken with each dose.

STEP 2. Procedure: Take MMS2 bi-hourly 12 hours a day for 3 weeks

Do not begin by taking the full amount as recommended above. Take 1/4 or less than recommended for starting off and within a day or two, increase the dose up to what is recommended above. Increase a little every two hours.
without making yourself sick. If the small doses do not cause nausea or other discomfort, increase up to the full size dose in several steps as given in the doses above.
Normally do not go to larger doses than what are suggested above, as larger doses are not needed.
The amount of time required to heal various diseases will vary.
Normally it takes from 3 to 5 weeks to heal HIV, and that also applies to most of the so-called incurable diseases. Diabetes can take anywhere from one week to one year, but the majority of cases are healed within 6 weeks or less. Whatever disease you have, never quit until you are healed and then do the maintenance dose.
Normally, I always say just continue to take MMS2 bi-hourly during the day (for 12 hours) until you are well.

Step 3, Maintenance

One should always continue with a maintenance dose, as the body does not manufacture enough hypochlorous acid to kill all diseases. If you are older than 65 and are not taking 6 drops of MMS1 daily, take a half dose of MMS2 every day. This half dose should be half of the bi-hourly dose you have been taken as given above.
So, on this 4000 MMS2 protocol, you will be taking 42 doses a week and when taking the Maintenance doses you will be taking seven half doses a week. If you prefer, you could switch to using 6 drops of MMS1 once a day if you have MMS1.

Updated on December 2018

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