WHAT IS MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions

MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions is a unique chemical oxidizer that has the ability to enter our bodies, move through the stomach, through the blood, and through various other organs, and cause no reaction or damage of any kind. It does not affect beneficial bacteria. The only thing that Miracle Mineral Solutions can do in the body is kill disease.

MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions and immune system

Miracle Mineral Solutions It is used by the immune system which, of course, kills pathogens, and causes the death of viruses. Our body itself produces this same chemical and has been using it for hundreds of thousands of years. It can kill pathogens of all kinds and remain in the body without doing any damage to it. However, because of the energy required to manufacture it and because it remains in the body for only one to one-and-half hours before breaking down, the body often comes up short. And that is where supplementation with MMS comes in. Miracle Mineral Solutions makes sure our immune system has plenty to use as needed to keep you disease free. It is a very simple theory-when you consider that all illness causing microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and pathogens cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment, it becomes very clear why MMS is the most powerful weapon for fighting any disease.

MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions 

The chemical (mineral) that is generated by MMS is chlorine dioxide, not to be confused with chlorine. When we mention Master Mineral, we are referring to the mineral chlorine dioxide which is derived from sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite is found in the natural mineral state many places in the world; however, it is cheaper to manufacture it than to mine it. Chlorine dioxide inside our Miracle Minaral Solutions can destroy many things, but the only things in the body that it can destroy are pathogens. The nature of all pathogens, including bacteria, molds, yeast, fungi, and disease-causing parasites is that they have outer membranes (skins) that can be easily oxidized by chlorine dioxide. It is so powerful, it simply blows a hole in the outer layer of the pathogen, thus killing it.

Unlike harmful antibiotics for instance, there is no way to develop a resistance to chlorine dioxide’s action. MMS Chlorine dioxide does penetrate deeply into the tissues because it is not used up by oxidizing other things before reaching the metal compounds or pathogens. The fact that chlorine dioxide can reach deep into the tissues is proof that it does not oxidize body cells.

Chlorine Dioxide is a scientifically proven pathogen killer.
Chlorine Dioxide supports healthy Immune System function

Further proof is in the fact, that hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved so far. The best decision you can make for yourself or your loved one is to avoid the cause of many diseases by having a bottle of MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions. And if faced with an awful illness such as cancer, do delay!
Your healthy and healed body will thank you for the years to come!