MMS – Miracle Mineral Solutions: Nose, Sinus, Bronchical

This MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions protocol comes with CAUTIONS, but it is very effective in eliminating post-nasal drip, sinus infections, ear infections, head colds, sore throats, wheezing, bronchitis, and germs that live in nose or sinus mucus. Even inner ear infections are reported to benefit from this treatment. But, there are steps you will need to follow with extreme caution. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD if you suffer from Angina, or if you are dependent on supplemental oxygen for breathing, or if you have shortness of breath.
You will be inhaling small amounts of the ClO2 gas from a cup into your nose or mouth. OBSERVE THE CAUTIONS LISTED BELOW.
Do not drink the mixture in this protocol because no water is added to the activated MMS in this protocol . Unlike the Miracle Mineral Solutions mixture that you drink, this method of nose-inhaling the pure ClO2 gas probably provides the quickest way to move the gas quickly to places in the head and sinuses, where it can easily find germs and kill them.

However, a severe warning is stated – DO NOT OVERDOSE. DO NOT DEEP BREATH THE ClO2 gas into your lungs for any length of time. Your lungs can rapidly absorb the ClO2 gas just as easily as oxygen, causing unexpected depletion of oxygen. Take breaks and breath normal air periodically while doing this procedure. This warning will be repeated several times. IF YOU OVERDOSE AND DEEP BREATH YOU MAY DAMAGE YOUR LUNGS.

MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions; Nose, Sinus, Bronchical

You will mix 2 to 3 MMS drops with the normal acid (unfiltered vinegar or citric acid or lemon juice) with 5 drops acid for every one drop of MMS. Do this in a small cup. Do not add water or anything else. DO NOT DRINK THIS MIXTURE.
Holding the cup under your nose, breathe in. It will naturally flow also down through the throat and vocal cords to some extent. Breath it into the nose very slowly so that it lingers a bit in all places it can go. Hold that breath for a few seconds. After every four slow inhaling actions, move the cup away and take in breaths of normal air. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! You need to be very cautions, not to deprive your body of oxygen. However, you will also receive immediate germicidal effects asthe gass will encounter germs and pathogens along the way, thus reducing the bacteria, mucus and phlegm and killing all disease causing microorganisms. Getting rid of a chronic sinus infection has never been easier and with results that will last.

Please listen to your body and following the instructions closely. Please email us with any questions.