MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement: Skin Care

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement is very beneficial when used on the skin. Even on gentle babies skin. It destroys almost every kind of skin disorder known, from burns to severe rashes and wounds of all kinds to heal often in less that 1/2 the ordinary time. One product, so many great uses. Use MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement for healing sores, burns, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, ringworm, acne, rashes, staph infections, athletes feet, and a hundred other problems of the skin.
In order to do this follow these instructions: Obtain a 2 ounce mist spray bottle. Most drug stores sell empty spray bottles.
Put 20 drops of MMS  Miracle Mineral Supplement in the bottle and 100 drops of citric acid and swirl to mix, wait 3 minutes and then fill the bottle with water. This solution will stay fresh and activated for about 3 days.
Once you have made your solution, you should spray any sore about once an hour or every two or three hours all day long. Allow the solution to dry on the sore. In case of a rash, spray it on the entire rash. Rinse off with clean water in the evening before bed, dry, and re-spray before going to bed. In case of babies under 2 years old I would suggest that you dilute the solution at least twice or start out with only 5 drops of MMS instead of 20.
When sprayed on the skin, MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement should not cause any stinging or burning or pain, but it can happen. If it does, pour out 1/2 of the liquid in the bottle and fill it with water thus diluting it by half. If it still stings, do the same thing thus diluting it again. Continue this dilution until it doesn’t sting.

Miracle Mineral Supplemet: Skin Care Healing

We strongly believe, MMS will decrease the healing time by a great deal and revert the diseased skin to healthy skin in a very short time. No other product comes even close when it comes to the cost, ease of use and most importantly, the great benefits of this amazing solution! Your healthy skin starts here.