We work hard to research and source the absolute best and pure MMS ingredients from around the world. It is not uncommon for us to spend a lot of time testing different ingredients, until we find the exact right source bursting with all natural, clean ingredients

Here is just a small sampling of the comments, testimonials and reviews we have received from people like you!

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Cancer Gone!!!!

Dear Mr. Humble, I thought you would like to know that I have cured myself of uterine and ovarian cancer with MMS. One year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma (Skin Cancer spread to my lymph hodes). I had an ultrasound in June of this year. the Dr. said I had a tumor on my right ovary and my uterus showed signs of cancer/precancer. The Dr. said I would have to have a hysterectomy. We decided to repeat the ultrasound in 1 month and do a biopsy and schedule the surgery after the results of the second ultrasound. In July I did a course of MMS lasting about 3 weeks. The MMS treatment was unpleasant. Every time I took a dose I felt ill. I had diarhea and nausea and vomitting. I also experienced excruciating pain in my right side (the affected ovary). I stuck with it dropping down a few drops then ramping back up until I reached 15 drops a day 2 times a day. I also found I would get less nauseus if I ate a half hour before taking MMS. I just got the results of the repeat ultrasound. The ovarian tumor is gone completely and my uterus is normal and healthy, The Dr. said he doesn’t know why but I no longer need surgery or a biopsy. Everthing is normal and healthy! Sincerly, anonymous MMS patient( scared of the FDA)

anonymous ( Cancer Gone!!! )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Diabetes under control

Dear Sir Jim Humble; It is my pleasure to post the success story i have experienced using MMS2 for my friend. He had this diabetes for years already without improvement. It takes about a month only. Using gradual increase day by day until able to take 4 caps a day at 2 to 3 hour time frame. Here is how he achieved it…. he also take enzyme at the same time. Before he start MMS2. The reading was 7.+, now the reading was 5.+ He never had this reading before. He now taking it daily at 1 to 2 caps. I am glad to finally obtain the MMS1 25% solution. It does work too. Am having it often now. Will wait the arrival of your DVD to finish my exam on MMS.

Edwin Tan ( Penang Malaysia )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Colds and Flu

Hi Jim, just wanted to add how effective the mms has been in helping my families health relating to colds and flu. Two of my sons came down with a bad strain of the flu last year. It closed down several schools. I gave the 7 drops of mms 3 times that day and the next day all symptoms were completely gone.. Also on the cold front; The moment I feel a cold coming on,,,sniffling or scratchy throat, I take 7 drops of mms in the morning and 7 in the evening mixed with the activator and the next day all symptoms disappear. Such a shame that the pharmaceutical companies are more interested in promoting profits than true health. And shame on the corruption that go on between the FDA and the CFO’s of these large drug companies. Keep the faith and the fight going Jim. Great thanks to all that you have done!

Roy Martin ( Ohio, USA )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Hep C

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Hep C. I used MMS for a little over a month and my readings are now fine. As an added benefit, my lungs became clear, multiple skin conditions and additional virus\’ are gone, brown teeth turned white and white hair turned brown. God Bless You, Jim

Joe ( Moloka’i )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:

I just wanted to share my experience with MMS here, thinking that it might be helpful to some. I read about it online at www.cancertutor.com, when researching natural methods for healing cancers for friends. I came across a statement that said that MMS could help to cure HIV/AIDS. I have a family member so infected, and immediately downloaded and read Jim Humble’s first book. I immediately ordered two bottles, one for my family member and one for myself. This was December 07.

I had had a cough following a bad ‘cold’ since September. I could not talk for 60 seconds without a cough. I am a naturalist, and had for 4 months tried many of my natural remedies, without success. I am also an RN. When I received the MMS, I took a 5 drop dose. The next day, I was able to cough up green, thick mucus. For the 4 months prior, I could not clear any mucus! It scared me. I did not take MMS for 2 more days, wondering if I had harmed myself. After 2 days of being able to expel this mucus, and no further changes, I took 10 drops and then 15 drops the following day. By the next day, my cough was totally gone. I was amazed. I had no other symptoms with the MMS, no vomiting, nausea or diarrhea.

With this amazing recovery, I believed that it could do what Jim Humble said. I have since, in the last year 1/2 used it on all my family, pets and friends. I have seen amazing results. Way too many to ennumerate here.

My children range in age of 7 – 15, and they all take it and mix it on their own. My son had an abcessed tooth, took MMS daily, max dose of 15 drops, and also swished as mouthwash, and abcess went away. Husband had sinus infections, during entire life span had always treated with antibiotics, and now can cure them with MMS. Children get annual GI virus, once symptoms start ( nausea, vomiting) we give MMS right away. The usual is to be up and around, symptom free in 4 hours. They almost always throw up within 30 minutes after the dose is given. We give it every 2 hours until symptoms are gone.

The dog and cat have had eye infections, we dilute down a dose, and pour this purified water over their eyes and within 36 hours, treating every 12 hours, the infections are gone. When the dog looks a little ‘peaky’, we put some in her water, first thing in the morning, she drinks it no problem and by the next day, she looks better. We put it in bath water and have seen itchy areas disappear.

We have used diluted MMS on skin scratches, all scrapes and burns and other skin ailments with amazing results.We have shared with many friends with very good results over the last 18 months, and I have seen nothing of untoward reactions.

I often take MMS now (maybe once a week) as a maintenance dose. I usually take 5 drops. If we have been around someone sick (strep throat, colds, flu, etc) we all take 5 drops. We take it with us on vacations, knowing that we will be exposed to new bacteria. I went to Hawaii for a once in a lifetime trip, and probably got food poisoning. I had taken with me just enough MMS for a 2 drop dose every day, and used it all up in the one day, but within 12 hours was well, and grateful for MMS.

If I start to have any symptoms or any of my family, of any illness, we take the maximum dose right away. For me, that’s 15 drops, for my 60 lb child, that’s 6 drops.

We have had less illness this year than ever before. We have stayed well, when most around us were getting sick.

I hope this helps some of you know how one family has used this most amazing substance to help maintain our health, and be a blessing to others. May you also find health for your soul and spirit.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:

I had kidney failure and kidney function of only 10% I was keen to go onto Dialysis as I had been feeling bad for sometime. I came across MMS and read all the detail and wanted to have a mormal life and not Dialising three days a week.

So I started the MMS protocol and could not believe the improvment, My Kidney specialist was amazed with the new results he said that he had never seen kidneys improve like this before,my kidneys have improved back to where they were four years earlier and still improving. I cannot wait for my next visit to my specialist to find out where my Kidneys are at now.

cannot speak highly enough about this product, I will be recomending it to all my family and friends.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
LIVER Linda Kelly

Hi, my liver counts also has gotten better, after 3 weeks of slowly moving up a drop to 10 drops but I have to wait another couple months for another test. I’m on 15 drops twice a day of Miracle Mineral Solution, for a couple of days. I wonder if I should drop down to 6 twice a day or continue with 15. God bless Jim Humble!


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
MMS Tackles Hepatitis C and Wins    

This post comes from www.natmedtalk.com and is a great story of the use of mms for hep.  If you ever had doubt about using mms for this disease this may lead you to rethink your position.

You can read the original post at the forum on this page.As stated by the poster known as Hobo:

As some of you might already know from my former post on here, I found out that I had Hep.C a year ago, when my stomach filled up with fluids, [ascites] and my belly button ruptured from the large amount of fluids, which I was taken to the hospital, where they drained 7.2 liters of fluid out of my stomach, and put me on diuretics.I had also become very weak and ended up in a wheel chair for some time.

After initial blood screening and CT scan, I was told that I had end-stage Hep.C and given 6 months or less to live. From that point I was referred to a Liver specialist who told me that I was too far in the 4th stage to be considered for the standard interferon treatments and the 6 months or less, was re-confirmed… that I should just go home to get my ducks in order. Nothing short of a liver-transplant would help.

Over the past year I’ve researched and have treated myself at home with herbs. to slow down the progression of the virus, and from a years worth of trial and error testing with herbal treatments, the most effective I’ve found to help control the virus is with a liver formula herbal blend called:Xiao Chai Hu San, which I made into the 00 sized capsules. This with other basic herbs like Milk Thistle etc. helped a lot, but though I’ve heard of those cases where Hep.C virus was healed with herbal methods, I’ve never been able to stop the virus with herbs, even with my best efforts to do so. This lead me to continue “Searching”…and lead me to run across the news about the MMS.

NOTE: I would also like to mentioned that after reading several of the post on here about MMS, I wanted to give the MMS a “True Testing” for myself, without any outside influences, so I stopped taking any herbs while taking the MMS, though I did continue taking supplements of Vitamin B-12,B-6 etc.but not within an hour of taking any MMS. My Goal was to let the MMS stand-alone upon it’s own Merit. I’m not one that buys into or puts a lot of faith in blown-up advertisements or claims by others. Is MMS for real? And if so, just how good is it? And how effective is it without any help from outside sources like herbs or etc. taken along with it? I don’t drink, and stick to a healthy diet. ~ So here’s my results of finding the answers to these questions.

I ordered a bottle of MMS and after receiving it, I started taking it Mar.8th, 2010. But to not get ahead of myself here, here is my blood test results BEFORE and AFTER starting on MMS.

The results of my Liver panel blood test dated:                            …….Feb.3rd, 2010.~ April 2nd,2010.

ALT~{ SGPT } *85 ~*25 Normal Range: < 0 – 48 >

AST~{ SGOT } *54 ~*21 …………< 0 – 37 >

Alkaline Phos. *168 ~ *153 ……….< 20 – 136 >

Glucose ……..*130 ~*107 …………..< 65 – 115 >

Anion Gap ……*9.0 ~*16.0 ……….< 10. – 20.>

Note: I started the MMS [Mar.8th], with only 1 drop per day for the first few days, and then started to slowly ramp up to 10 drops once a day on Mar.17th. ~Then I started to take more doses per day on Mar.18th.

Mar.18th= 12; 8; and 10drop dose for a total of 3 doses that day.

Mar.19th= 10; 10; 8; 10 drop doses. [Got mild stomach upsets]

Mar.20th= 10; 10 drop doses. Figured out that I needed a different juice

Mar.21st= 7; 7; 7;drop doses Started taking it with 100%pure Prune Juice

Mar.22nd= 7;7;7;7;3;3;7 drops. Read that more doses works better.

Mar.23rd= 9;9;9;9;9;drops. Being aggressive with hammering the virus!

Mar.24th= 7;7;7;7;7,drops. The ole’ stomach upsets again..dropping back.

Mar.25th= 5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5;5,drops. Hammering every hr. all day long!!

Mar.26th=5;5;5;10;5;5;10;10;8,drops. Being aggressive again!

Mar.27th=5;5;7;7;7;10;5,drops Feeling my oats and getting outdoors more

Mar.28th=5;8;5;6;5;5;5;5,drops. Having mild “D” every morning but okay.

Mar.29th=5;5;5;6;5;6;5,drops. Losing energy, toxic build up..

Mar.30th=5;5;5;5;5;7;5;5;5, ~Ignoring side effects, Enough of this Virus!

Mar.31st=3;3;5;4;5;4;3;4.~Had 2 big “D” dumps this morning! feeling sick.

Apr.1st=5;3;4;3;3;4, Spacing does out every couple hrs. or so now..

Apr.2nd=5;3;4;4;3;3.Had BLOOD TEST 2 hrs.after 1st dose this morning.

Apr.3rd=3;3;3;3;3;3;5;5, Planning to continue with lower doses….

Apr.4th=3;3;3;3;4. Will continue taking moderate doses like this now for another few months, so as to pick up any hidden viruses in lymph nodes, tissue, or tooth fillings.

*sleeping much better than before, better appetite too. Now that my blood test is established…I’m going back on some herbs to help clear out the toxin and to stiffen up my immune system too. Will see how that goes with my next blood test in May.

The above Blood Test stands on it’s own merits and needs no further proof as far as I’m concerned, simply because I’ve “NEVER” seen such a Normal reading with any of my blood-test over the past year, as I have with the MMS. And in such a short period of time too.

—It’s the REAL DEAL VIRAL KILLER ~ No doubt about it—

Ulcerative Colitis Treatment and Cure With MMS by GeorgiosK       

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Ulcerative Colitis Cured (no joke)

Hello all,
I post here my testimony due to Barbara having asked me to do so and I feel that I own it to other sufferers since I also have been helped by others.Excuse me for any possible linguistic mistake, but I’m from Greece and English is a foreign language for me.

I was diagnosed with having Ulcerative Colitis in 2005 although suffered the symptoms since the beginning of 2004 after a course of 2 antibiotics.

First I went to some doctors of the western medicine with no results. In reality one of them made my condition worse.

Later on I tried Homeopathy with no results again. After that I tried some Chinese supplements in conjunction with restricted diet based on the blood type. Some minor only results were noticed and abandoned this method 5 months later.

This period was when I heard about a naturopath that has cured many here from Colitis (all kinds). I did whatever he told me. Basically it was a combination of proper diet, nutritional healing and some other things. He helped me overcome almost all my symptoms that were intestinal bleeding, anemia, weakness, loss of weight and anorexia, and to some point some food allergies.

In the meantime I have tried some other methods/supplements to increase the healing rate but to no avail.(such as vit E enema, Human probiotic infusion, Ayurvedic products and many many others with more or less relieve of the symptoms).

But at the end of May of the previous year my bleeding begun again, increasing successively my food allergies. I said “ oh no again the same”. I was very depressed all those year about that and especially in that later period that the symptoms have returned.

My doctor was abroad for months, so I tried to do something on my own I traveled to Germany for a QXCI/SCIO test and it revealed Mercury toxicity from amalgam fillings(I knew it and replaced them 1 year ago with composites), some parasites from pets, some kinds of amoebas and some viri as well as other things.

I searched hard and found that a Zapper may help me solve this out killing all those critters inside me.. Although I knew about that device 2 yrs earlier I discredited it, considering it couldn’t do anything for my condition. How foolish of me! I then ordered a Zapper from e-bay for $65 and starting using it. Dr Hulda Regehr Clark Says it takes 3 weeks at least for the frequencies to reach deeply in the intestines. She is so right about that. In the 3rd day on the Zapper some intestinal fluids mixed with serum stopped from pouring out of my colon. It was the first miracle. For the first 5 days I had diarrhea since the bad bacteria, protozoa, viri and fungi were killed. When the time was passing the bleeding was also disappearing. In 3 weeks the waterfalls of my bleeding stopped. But there was just a tiny drop of blood every time I had a bowel movement. My bleeding had almost stopped , but the pain was still there, as were the food allergies too.

So I decided to try something different to see if I can cure this condition once and forever. In curezone.com they were discussing lately much about a substance that is called Sodium Chlorite and its potential to kill even the most stubborn infections. I again ordered 2 bottles from e-bay and started this protocol (please read about the activation of this product before considering trying it). In the first couple of days I had once again diarrhea and this tiny drop of blood stopped totally from coming out on the stools. Today it’s March 20th 2008 and since December 10th of 2007 there is no bleeding, not even that tiny drop. Later on while on MMS I noticed that when I was tired my large intestine didn’t hurt. Also I felt no discomfort in that area when it was cold outside. But the last miracle about that was that I now can eat everything again with no allergic reaction. I no longer cook specific foods for me, I drink alcohol, I eat out with no limits. The only thing that I still haven’t tried is cayenne that used to increase my bleeding extremely when my colon was inflamed.

I haven’t done any colonoscopy now to see how my intestine looks, but I can surely feel the difference and why not speak about a cure in some time from now if all things go as they are now.My main point is that most digestive issues are mainly due to parasitic infections. In some cases heavy metal accumulation, mineral deficiencies or bad lifestyle may contribute also to that problem.

I thank the God that sent me that naturopath which helped me so much and introduced me to that world of alternative medicine and CUREZONE which helped me find my way towards healing.

If anybody can ask something I’m willing to answer. You can find me at

www.curezone.com or www.curezone.org

my nickname is amato, best health to all

(to follow amato’s healing journey on curezone simply type his name in the search bar and posts that he is associated with will come up)

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Breast Cancer , Hepititis C , Warts, Infections 


GP Tells Family Their Daughter only Had 2-3 Weeks to Live

Delwyn was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 26. It quickly spread to her bones, hips, spine and lung. Her liver was in bad shape also.Four weeks ago she was confined to bed, had to urinate in a glass bottle, and weighed only 45 kg.

On October 3rd 2007 was a black day for the family. She had not eaten for 3 days and her Doctor met with the family and said they needed to make a decision as to whether to pull the feed tubes out of her or not. She had 2 ? 3 week to live. In emergency hospital, the family had arranged her funeral and cemetery plot

She started on the MMS and 10 days later the cancer markers continued to increase but her strength and energy started to return. She was walking and even drove a short distance around the paddock at her parents Park.

It is now November 1st 2007 and her cancer markers are on the way down, falling even 40 points in the past week and still falling (Measuring her CA.15-3 scores). She is driving better than she was 6 months ago, She has no pain, is able to dress herself, her kidneys and liver are in better condition. Is now sleeping and walking better than 4 months ago.

Her Doctor saw her last week and simply could not believe how well she looked. She has no pain and has reduced all of her medications.

Delwyn and her family acknowledge God?s leading and provision of her treatment and the timing of it all at deaths door. Yes it is early days but she is 6 months ahead of where she was just 4-5 weeks ago. Delwyn has a good diet of vegetable juices, berries and raw foods which help enormously in keeping her body alkaline as well as nourishing her cells to re-build stronger and healthier**. There is no doubt that the MMS in this case has been foundational in cleansing the body of pathogens, mould, fungus, viruses and bacteria that have been so prolific and allowing the cancer to grow and spread.

** She practices the 8 natural health laws: Nutrient, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God

 Arrow Durfee

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Helen (Delwyn’s Mum) Warrigal Victoria

Delwn?s Protocol:

Day 1 2 drops every 1 hours 6 or 7 times a day                                                                                                                                         Day 2 3 drops every hour ?                                                                                                                                                                              Day 3 4 drops every hour ?                                                                                                                                                                          Day 4 5 drops every hour ?                                                                                                                                                                          Day 5 6 drops every hour ?                                                                                                                                                                        Day 6 7 drops every hour ?

Still 5 weeks later 7 drops every 1hour 6-7 times a day.

Initially she could not keep anything down, just kept throwing up, juice the drops everything for about 3 days.

When she got nausea she would eat a dry biscuit or banana

She has been having fever baths every 2 days raising her temp to 38 deg (bath 41 deg) with half a cup of Bicarb of soda

That is basically it. She is now off all medications and doing very well.

The diarrhea and vomiting are good signs that the body is simply eliminating what it does not need.

Have a listen to MMS Simplified at www.miraclems.com/interviews-with-Jim-Humble.html

A testimonial on cancer found on curezone:



My son used mms topically on a wart that was around for several years after other ‘cures’ failed. It went away in about a week.

Rett Anderson

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Lyme Disease
My wife is up to 9 drops and her reactions are now very slight to the treatment.

In the beginning she stopped taking it for a while at three drops because almost all her joints hurt so badly. She described her spinal pain as feeling as if her back was breaking.

Now she only has slight pain in her thumb joints. I am speculating that the MMS has done its job in the main part of the body either eliminating or greatly reducing the Lyme bacteria. Now it is getting to the peripheral areas.

She has not yet had the Diarrhea that almost always happens at some point. If she has it at the same point I did, it should be coming at about ten to eleven drops.

I can only hope that it is killing the cyst form and not driving the Lyme into dormancy. It will be a period of months before I will know the answer to that. But, so far so good. She has more energy than I do and feels well at this time.

I am no longer taking MMS myself as I am now on Low Dose Naltrexone for my Crohn’s Disease.That is all for now.

Hellen F.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
I have been using MMS and Rife Treatment on a friend of mine with Lyme disease. On her first lyme test she scored the second highest levels that the lab had ever seen. Her last test shows her levels to be normal with only the co infections showing up. Those were at a low level also.

MMS and Rife treatments seem to be getting her lyme to die off! The results so far a promising! The rife machine we are using it the Truerife with the foot bath or effectrolysis unit.


Another Lyme Case:

If you’d like, you can let A know that there’s no need for anyone to “pass on the relevant information” to me because I can still see the thread. In any case, I do appreciate A’s concern but I can’t think of anything that anybody could say really at this point that would get me to stop taking it. I don’t want to go back to the way I felt before, even if the way I feel now is representative of a clinically unhealthier state – which I don’t see how it could be.

At this point I’ve been on the MMS 12 days and I just can’t think of anything I could see in writing that would rival what I am feeling. I am just feeling so much better in nearly every category; more than 50% improved in my more annoying categories – like my feet and my anxiety/paranoia, and I haven’t really run into any downswings in my “cycles” as I call them – the rollercoaster up and down that I was having before with my symptoms.

I definitely still have symptoms but they are all being lessened and except for one day when I didn’t really take care of myself and didn’t get much sleep I haven’t lost any significant ground since I’ve been on the MMS. And I still have a lot of ramping up to do to get to the 2 or 3 15 drop doses a day that are recommended all over the place.

Currently I’m still taking 12 drops once a day. I should probably be breaking those up into at least 2 doses, but it just tastes so gross that it takes a lot of convincing myself to take even just one dose…then afterwards I always think “oh that wasn’t so bad,” but the smell has become familiar and has started to make me queasy before I drink it. Interesting since I’ve still never felt nauseas or queasy after taking the dose.

I still lose a little more hair in the shower than usual, but the drain is not clogged after one shower anymore. Last night I did wake up sweating mildly a few times, and I’m not sure if that is a result of Babs or Bart or perhaps I was just too hot – I did remove my heavier down comforter at one point and woke up a few hours later to put it back on again because I was chilly.

My feet are still somewhat red/discolored (as they have been since mid-August), but I was getting like these ulcers on the bottom of my feet and the bottoms of my toes felt like the entire part that touched the ground was a giant blister for a few weeks previous to my starting the MMS.

The ulcers are completely gone, but there is still a mark from one, a sore that my doctor called a sign of endocarditis a few weeks ago – but that sore does not hurt anymore, and I had another one in my mouth on my gumline which is totally gone now. A few spots on my feet are still occasionally sensitive but it is no thing compared to what felt like total rope-burn over the entirety of the bottom of my foot before.

I must say also that I am still taking 200mg of Doxy twice a day and have been for about a month and a half and I have about a month left of that treatment. I’m also on Malarone, one 250/100 pill a day that I’ve been on for as long as I’ve been on the Doxy and I have never thought that it has ever done much but I will keep taking it since I spent 400 bucks on a two months supply.

I am also taking herbs, right now primarily Hawthorn, Spirulina and Chlorella, as well as occasional Cat’s Claw and the occasional whatever else. I’m becoming somewhat of an amateur herbalist, but what I mentioned by name are the only things I’m taking regularly.

Anyway, the Hawthorn could be at least partially responsible for the disappearance/ lessoning of my endocarditis symptoms, as it is supposed to be the best cardiac herb there is because it is (according to Stephen Buhner) the only herb or drug which slows the heart and makes the beats more powerful – in other words it makes the heart more efficient. All other cardiac herbs and drugs make the heart beat faster, more often; they’re stimulants and therefore can wear your heart out over time. Apparently Hawthorn makes your heart stronger and stronger for the longer you take it and so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is what’s getting rid of my endocarditis symptoms.

The Spirulina and Chlorella are basically for immune fortification and the binding of endotoxins, as well as for keeping my system cleared out – they’re great at taking out all the trash before anything can get clogged up – and even after stuff already has been clogged, like we saw with my lymph node problem about a week ago, which is now totally resolved as if it never happened.

Anyway, yes I am taking plenty of other stuff besides the MMS and I am trying to make sure that I eat right and get enough sleep. I’m a writer so I pretty much work from home on my computer and that’s a great plus for me because it means I don’t have to stress myself out over a 9-5 job; which would probably have killed me a long time ago…..

…..anyway, I just want to make sure everybody knows that it could be entirely a coincidence that all of this improvement has just happened to coincide with the last 12 days since taking the MMS since I am trying to do everything else right, and I am taking other things – but I would also point out that at this point it would be nearly impossible for anyone to convince me to stop taking the MMS for any reason. I plan to take it until I have been symptom free for two months, like many do with antibiotics. Then I’ll keep a bottle around just in case.

Sorry this has been so long, I didn’t realize I was going to be doing an update until I was halfway done haha. Oh well, I guess I get excited talking and thinking about my condition. Feel free to post any of this for those on LN if you’d like.

Take Care, Send all the LN’ers my best!

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:

I am doing really well, actually! I stopped antibiotics almost 2 weeks ago and have just been doing MMS, acidophilus, hawthorn, spirulina and chlorella. I am doing really, really well.

I am really excited though, I am making a lot of progress, pretty rapidly. I did have a minor setback at first when I stopped the antibiotics but I was able to get that under control pretty quickly. My feet are in the best shape they’ve been in for a month or two!

I really have a lot of hope surrounding this MMS; it is the most effective thing I’ve taken. My endocarditis symptoms are still nonexistent. My feet are doing really well and I just feel better in general. I still do have symptoms but it seems like they are becoming more manageable and less incapacitating.

I am up to a 15-drop dose twice a day, which apparently most Lymies can’t handle. I find that I do get nausea when I take a 15-drop dose on an empty stomach.


Simple Amazing !
I have been unignorably ill since mid-August when I found myself in the Emergency Room with disseminated rashes all over my body; a few of them bullseyes – and a left foot that looked so crazy my PCP thought I had renal failure or diabetes, and she refused to treat me because she wanted my foot looked at in the ER.

I had been on antibiotics from mid-August until about 2 weeks ago. I do remember getting a rash before then and I was sick though I didn’t put the pieces together since before mid-August. I would say I was actually bitten anywhere from May to late July.

I did have a little set-back about a week after I stopped taking the antibiotics in which it looked like I was losing ground, but I didn’t lose ground to where I had been before I started taking the MMS, and I think that I was more frightened than anything else. I have been taking the MMS all the way through and I am continuing to improve.

It is slow but finally my range of symptoms has stopped expanding – whenever I thought I was improving with the antibiotics (except during the initial 3 weeks) it always seemed like my individual symptoms were getting milder but that there were getting to be more of them. Now it seems like the symptoms I do have are getting milder or slowly disappearing one by one and I have not noticed any new symptoms.

I do not think that my improvement is totally separated from the pharmaceuticals I took; I think just the opposite. For several months I would have been unable to cope with life in the absence of antibiotics, and I think the antibiotics I was on did significantly reduce the rate at which I was degenerating. I am not saying they didn’t help; they definitely did. I have no intention of saying that the MMS has done what it has done for me on its own. I can’t even definitively say it was the MMS, of course, but to me the coincidences just seem unignorable.

I won’t be writing anything in any peer-reviewed scientific journals (for among other reasons, I’m not a Dr. or a Scientist). The evidence I have that MMS has been beneficial to me is almost certainly not enough to convince anyone in the mainstream or any official sources; but the evidence is good enough for me, and good enough that I will tell people that MMS is PROBABLY beneficial for Lymies – at least in the short term.

I have seen somebody say “well, I would hate to see a post from you someday that said ‘mms gave me permanent brain damage,’ or ‘mms liquefied my internal organs’ or something like that. Well, I’d hate to see a post like that too. I don’t know much about Cl02, but I do know that it’s not natural and probably not the best thing to be consuming for long periods of time (or maybe at all).

But I would point out that 1) neither are antibiotics and 2) when I was making the decision to try this it was the LYME that was in the process of giving me permanent brain damage, and liquefying my internal organs. At least with MMS, if I see adverse effects I can stop taking it at any time and therefore stop it from doing more damage – with the Lyme I don’t have that option; as long as the Lyme lives it will increasingly do more damage.

If I knew that MMS DID give people permanent brain damage and that it DID liquefy people’s internal organs but that it would kill the Lyme for good – I would take it anyway until the Lyme was dead so that my real problem would be solved.

The problem with Lyme – as I see it – is not that the assaults my body endures on any given day are particularly devastating; my body has overcome some remarkable injuries that it has sustained from the Lyme. The problem for me is that the Lyme is alive and it keeps assaulting my body over and over again, and since that’s the case and I can’t seem to kill it with any of the conventional methods that I’ve tried, I have no problem trying something else that’s cheap (free actually for a sample bottle – a several month supply – if you go to the source Humble recommends in book 1) and reportedly effective.

When coincidentally or not I start healing like I haven’t healed since the first 3 weeks on antibiotics, I am excited to tell others who are still suffering about my experiences.

I will end this now but I am really excited, and hope everything is going really well for you!


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:

I’m not doing that well at the moment actually. Not because of the MMS, but because I haven’t been very good about taking it for probably the past 2 or 3 weeks and I think the Lyme is reminding me now that it isn’t gone yet.

I know I was going to wait until I had been symptomless for 2 months before I stopped taking it but that didn’t happen as it just tastes so gross and I felt so good that I made the dumb mistake of pretending I never had Lyme; I stopped taking the MMS strictly and had a few nights of drinking and so forth to ring in the new year.

I’m still doing a thousand times better than I had been before taking the MMS, but I am a little down that some of my milder symptoms which had all virtually disappeared are coming back to me now. I have been getting back into the MMS recently and I hope to begin adhering strictly to two doses of MMS a day again starting tomorrow. I have also restarted doxycycline in the past few days and I think that is contributing to my overall sense of less well-being.

I’ve also heard that the full moon has an exacerbating effect on Lyme (I’m not sure if I believe that or not) and I have noticed the past few nights that the moon has been pretty close to full. Again, I’m not really sold on that being a factor but I thought I would mention it so others can make up their own minds.

I don’t know if the MMS actually kills the Lyme or just drives it into cyst form (probably a little of both I suspect, just like anything else, right?) But the one comforting thing is that as much as I have stopped and restarted the MMS, it has not lost its effectiveness; which is unlike any of the other medications I have used.

I’m so used to having to add things to the regimen when whatever I’m using begins losing its effectiveness. So far, nothing of the sort has happened with the MMS. It seems I follow patterns of wellness that match exactly (delayed one or two days) the patterns of how much MMS I have been taking, and it does seem that the MMS takes away symptoms faster than they return.

Hope you and everyone on Lymenet are healing well.


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Lyme Disease
I have been on it for almost 3 months now being careful to follow the directions exactly as told in the protocol. I have Lyme Disease, and I was infected in April 06 and have been virtually bed ridden since. I was treated early when the rash was first found and I never recovered, which they now suspect I got more than one tick infection. I now have been diagnosed with Neurological Late Stage Lyme Disease with nerve and muscle damage in all of my extremities. Within 2 days of taking MMS I had some energy, the first I have had since I was infected. I have continued with the protocol and am up to 15 drops per day. I did experience some nausea and diarrhea at about 6 drops and no it isn’t pleasant but the feeling after the toxins passed was like a cleansing. I almost felt like my old self once the toxins left me. I also took the MMS while on mega doses of antibiotics for a while and also experienced 3 terrible herx reactions, and honestly I felt like I was going to die, my husband was wanting to take me to the hospital. But after a couple of days, it finally passed, and I could tell I was better after each herx reaction. It sounds like the poster above is experiencing a herx reaction, and you have to get through them and continue, your body has to expel the toxins and it’s painful and that’s really an understatement on how bad the toxins leaving your body feel. But for the first time since I was infected I have energy, and I’ll take whatever energy I can get and I’ll put up with the herx’s from the toxins leaving to get that little bit of energy each day!

My mom has diabetes, and I got her to try it. Day one was 2 drops, day two was 3 drops, when she awoke the third day she said she hadn’t felt that good in years. Needless to say she had us online ordering her a bottle of her own. I’m anxious to see what it does by the way of healing her pancreas and improving her diabetes that she has been dealing with for 15 years. We also activated a small amount of the MMS and I applied it to her scraps on her head that haven’t healed in months, and within 3 days they were almost healed completely.

MMS works, and you will get sicker before you get better, but that’s true of any prescription or protocol that clears toxins from your body. Just bear through it, it’s worth the reward of some of your health back.


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
A cure with 5% Sodium Chlorite 

I have posted in the past about my own story/recovery, so if it’s ok I will just repeat them here in this email for now…

A friend first brought up drinking sodium chlorite in liters of water, mixed with“greens” (grass powder/veggie powder) about 4 years ago. (Sodium chlorite is the active ingredient in MMS). She kept mentioning it over and over to me, telling me how much it had helped her, and many, many others she knew.

I was pretty conservative, ate a SAD diet, and had very little experience with any holistic therapies. But, she was so enthusiastic, and she was a good friend, so I tried a liter with the drops and greens in it. (this was 5% sodium chlorite, so about 1/5 the strength of MMS).

Within the first hour of sipping this, I felt “high” … I was at work at the firehouse, so this was not the best place to feel this way, lol … I called up Darlene (my friend) and at first she couldnt believe it, but I described the way I felt and she agreed, yup, I was probably stoned.We figured out, after thinking things over, that I had taken some anti-depressants and some anxiety meds about 8 to 12 mos before, and what had probably happened was a release/detox of stored meds from that prior time period … so I had a REALLY nice,euphoric first two hours drinking NaClO2.

After that, I began to feel incredibly more energetic, and I started to drop weight. I became so convinced so early about this combination that I continued to drink liters of water with these 5% NaClO2 drops, mixed with about a teaspoon of dry grass powder/veggie powder,about 4 -5 of these per day. The more I drank, the more weight I lost, and the more my appetite/desires shifted to eat the healthy food that was being recommended to me (”alkaline diet”). It is almost as though the more pure my body became, the more I wanted to eat whole foods, green foods, etc….

In the first 4 months I noticed the following benefits:

– I lost 40lbs (although I had NOT been trying to lose weight)

– I began to look a LOT younger … I was 39 then … most people

would guess I was 28 – 29

– My eyes brightened a TON … they went from tired and dull, to bright green … for the

first time in my life, people would comment about my eyes…lol

– Little skin problems cleared up … itchiness, skin health, etc…

– My dandruff disappeared and my scalp stopped itching.

– I finally slept soundly; I had always awoken tired, and would have trouble waking up

even by 7 or 8 in the morning; now, I could go to bed at 11pm, and I would ALWAYS pop

awake at 4:30 or 5am, ready to go, and not be tired again until the next night.

– My snoring/sleep apnea just WENT away … I had been tested in a hospital sleep study

center, and I would stop breathing about 30 times per hour.

– My allergies (seasonal, food, environmental) just WENT away … after years of suffering,

and trying every OTC med known to man.

– My STRONG desires for sweets/carbs just WENT away (and when I say desires here, I

mean pure LUST)

– My mind cleared up … for the first time really since high school I felt like I had my brain

back … it was wonderful; I started writing again, poetry and stories, I started studying new

subjects, etc…

– My energy level and my stamina continued to skyrocket … I would take my soccer ball down to the park, in the 98 degree heat of July, and play with the 16 year old soccer players until they wore out. Then I would go for a run.

– My patience, tolerance and love for others increased.

It was INCREDIBLE. I remember telling friends after about 4 mos. (in all humility, lol) that I felt like I could bend steel with my bare hands. And the energy, the strength, the endurance, and clarity of thought and expression all felt holistic, natural and good.

I’m sure there were many more things … it is difficult to recall it all…but I remember that it basically gave me my life back.I hope this helps; maybe I will post it again.

Please take care,

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Improved General Health
I sent a short version of this to Jim Humble and understand it’s posted somewhere. Use all or part. Thanks!

I’ve been experimenting with MMS for some time using myself as a guinea pig. I changed nothing except to introduce and increase MMS in increments and monitor how I felt. It was a strict test.

For a year I’ve been monitoring health and over-all fitness using a wonderful Russian machine. It tests 13 levels of functioning of all the physiological systems. It’s a 6 minute test; 3 minutes supine, 3 standing. It calculates chronotropic reaction, compensation response and Ortho-test ratios. A graph ranges from 1.1 (World class fitness) to 13.7 (Not-so-good). Being involved in alternative health for 30+ years and knowing what I was doing (Diet, exercise, supplements), In 4 tests, spaced months apart and being a very good boy, I could not get out of the 12-13 range.

After less than a week on MMS (6 drops X 2) I thought I’d check and record my blood pressure. BP was low, as usual, but I was stunned to see a resting heart rate of 60! For years my pulse was at 80-85 and I’d have episodes of intermittent racing and irregular HR since I was in my teens* I’m now 75..

A few days later I took the test again and it registered 9.4…well into the healthy range. The operator of the machine fell off his chair claiming I’d gained 20 years of “Robustness.” He’d never seen such improvement. A few days later I had a holistic dentist friend check my mouth. He was amazed to find my teeth more “firm” and the gums pink and healthy…even though I smoke cigars. Both practitioners are now taking MMS,

I re-took the test 3 weeks later in another state. I was now up to 15 drops at night. The chart read 8.4 indicating further improvement.

I work out. HR never used to go up much above 100 while exercising and I did not sweat a lot. Sometimes the HR would not not recover smoothly and tachycardia would set in. Now, HR goes to 120-125 and I sweat a lot. HR recovery is smooth and steady.

The problem is, I can’t figure out what’s changed. I’d been through heavy metal detox, years ago with no positive results. I’ve tried many holistic/alternative protocols. Heart worm was suggested…but, I feel my 60+ year problem was electrical and can’t figure out how MMS corrected the problem..

Additional positive observations: Heat tolerance much better. Thyroid and adrenals test better using muscle resistance. 5 drop dose 20 minutes before exercise seems to increase exercise tolerance (To early to tell for sure). All systems seem to be better “Balanced.”

Negatives: Threw up twice. Diarrhea several times…then constipation for a week.

When I was 11-12 I made 25 cents an hour working at a florist. One of my jobs was to place and light fused pesticide bombs in the the middle of greenhouses and run like heck. There were times they went off early…. 40’s pesticides were pretty potent.

Carl Lindert

I took the test I wrote about again. This time it came down 3 points to 5.4 (Look it up on the link I sent. So the scores for a year were:

13.5, 13.2, 12.9 Began MMS: 9.4, 3 weeks later 8.4.

3 weeks later 5.4.

For two weeks I’ve been experimenting taking 5-6 drops of MMS before a workout. On several weight involved exercises I was “Stuck” for a year…inability to increase repetitions. I am now able to add 40-50% more Reps.. I’ve done this often enough to determine this effect is “Real”…for me.

Carl Lindert

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Hepatitis C       

Well, I don’t have hepatitis C myself, but my brother does. The first week he got right up to the 15 drops. I bought the MMS for him. After the first couple of days, he brought the drops up to 15 and he has been at 15 twice a day ever since. The reason he got up to 15 so fast was because he had one week before seeing the doctor. I bought him the MMS and told him that the doctor had handed him a death sentence and he wasn’t doing a thing about it. He started then faithfully taking the drops. So, upon seeing the doctor only ONE week later, he had gained 10 pounds and his bilirubin was completely normal. So, trying to get more information out of my brother is very difficult, but he just yesterday saw his liver doctor and the doctor had originally wanted to put him on chemotherapy the first of December, but after seeing his results, he said, “Come back in three months.” So, I ask my brother if that means he no longer has hepatitis C, and he’s not sure. But, I am continuing to encourage him to keep taking the MMS and to have several days in which he takes larger doses, or even taking it three times a day instead of two, etc. I believe it is and will work on anyone who works at it. Each person will be different. With my brother, he also has celiac sprue, so he has a lot more to overcome. Within that one week of taking the MMS, he gained 10 pounds, as I mentioned, but that is amazing for someone who had tried and tried to gain weight. Without a shirt he looked like he lived in a concentration camp. So, the progress is substantial. Each one is a little different, but I have NO doubt that this is and will save his life.

I have been made aware by doctors that I need a new liver due to having Hepatitis C 30 years ago. I have been through ten years of treatments with specialists. I have been taking MMS for a month now. Last week, I went to the clinic. They took their usual tests, but this time, the doctor told me that my liver is now in a stable condition and that he did not have to see me for a year.

Separate from that, my energy level is through the roof and I have noticed that the “spider nevai” or red spots that used to be sprinkled across my chest are gone. A seeming chronic skin infection on my leg which I have suffered with for 7 years is almost completely cleared up. I can’t believe it.

Richard Mariscott, Vancouver Island, BC

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Treating Lyme with MMS
Hi Gang,

I’ve had slow, but steady improvement on salt & C which took me from mostly housebound, on a walking frame & dying, to traveling overseas last year & not well, but actually having a life.Throughout my 29 year Lyme battle I’ve had flickery vision with flashing lights and blind patches. Kind of like a permanent migraine. It has been torturous, very disabling & stopped me driving my car. I could not cope with glare or sudden changes in light & dark. I had to wear sunglasses a lot and also sleep with a small night light on. On waking, the flickering would be very bad and I presumed it was due to poor circulation. Eye docs and neurologists could not explain it, other than a rare form of permanent migraine or spasms in the tiny veins in the eyes. Magnesium did not help the spasms.

I have been on 5 drops of MMS morning & night for 7 months, stilltaking 2 doses salt & C during day.I have to tell you, the 29 year spasms are nearly gone!!!!!!!!! I have slept without a night light for 2 weeks with no problem!!!!!! I am driving again the last few months and finally without sunglasses!!!!!!!! I wake in the morning and can cope if a light is turned on suddenly!!!!!!!


I think the MMS is killing a virus or something that salt & C was not killing. I am also walking miles every day, my cheeks are pink and my circulation is so much better. People everywhere are noticing how much better I look. I am even feeling well enough to look for a part-time job soon.

Persevere. It is worth it.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Lyme & co, glandular fever, fibro, CFS, etc 29 years of hell.

Epstein Barr also known as Chronic Fatigue or Mononucleosis Cured with MMS                                       9th January 2009 by Arrow Durfee Posted in Disease, MMS Information

A few months back someone I know passed a bottle of MMS on to her daughter who had been ill with chronic fatigue for about 2 years. Her quality of life was pretty poor, having no energy for anything. Lab work had revealed that she had two variants of Epstien Barr virus. And of course the doctors did not know what to do about it, except to let her linger in suffering.

The MMS had her well in less than 2 weeks, and she really started to feel improvement in just a couple of days. Now she is fully well.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Thank You MMS

MMS has been a godsend for my husband and I, things that we thought we had to live with are disappearing. I guess we just got used to feeling mediocre, and never thought we could feel good, or even great. MMS has forever changed our lives, and has a permanent place in our family.

Here are some of the things that MMS has helped us with, I will start with his list first. The swelling in his legs is gone, the knee pain is diminishing, the tendonitis in his elbow is gone, his sinuses (although not great) are better than they ever have been, his restless leg syndrome is gone, his snoring is nearly gone, and he is sleeping through the night (for the firs time in years), he wakes feeling good, his energy level is up and he says he feels great. My list isn’t quite as impressive, but still worthy of mention. I have lost 14 lbs probably due to the fact that my junk food cravings are gone, bronchitis cleared up in just a few days, urinary tract infection was gone in a couple days, sinus infection was gone within a week, I sleep through the night, I wake up feeling great, all wheezing in my chest stopped (I am a smoker), my headaches are gone, I haven’t taken an OTC pain killer in 2 months, and my shoulder/Neck pain was gone in about a day (I have had that for 2 years).

I know people are skeptical, or scared like I was, but you really don’t know how good you can feel if you don’t take steps to feel better. We have only been taking the supplement for 2 months, and we already notice many positive changes. I now have my mother taking it, and she is on day two. I will try to keep you posted on her progress as well, her husband will begin the regimen in a week or two, and hopefully I will have more positive things to report. You can also read my blog and get all the detailshttp://liegeman.wordpress.com/


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Polyps, Prostatitis, Sore Throat, Elevated PSA, Melanoma            

We received this email this evening asking us to post these MMS testimonials on HealthSalon. Sorry we seem to have trouble technically for people to do their own posting. Will try to correct this. Meanwhile here are some excellent results from the use of MMS


My son (35 y.o.) has suffered with debilitating prostatitis for 15 years now, He took the MMS drops as per the protocol and after 10 days he has declared himself 100% cured!

His daughter (3 y.o.) went to a child’s party and caught a very bad throat infection. He and his wife thought long and hard about giving her MMS, as he said “It’s one thing to take it yourself, but another to give it to a child”,and after careful consideration started off giving her 1 drop, then 2 drops, then 3 drops and after the 4 drop dose 2 days later, she was up and running around. Normally a similar infection would have required heavy doses of antibiotics and a spell of 7 days and longer in bed. They weighed her, and followed the protocol.

My son introduced a friend (55 y.o.) to MMS – he has an hereditary cancerous bowel condition requiring 6 monthly colonoscopies and diathermy of cancerous polyps (up to 40 each time), and after 3 weeks of MMS (as per protocol) his doctor has declared him to have a “clean bowel” and doesn’t need to see him for at least 2 years. The same man also had a PSA reading which has increased sharply over the past 12 months, up to the point of recently being scheduled in for surgery for prostate cancer, something he did NOT want to do. After 10 days of MMS, his reading has come down into the normal range, and so amazed his doctor, the doctor has demanded to see all the literature he has on MMS! The patient, of course, is very happy that he didn’t need the operation after the MMS.

My partner has metastatic melanoma Stage IV with secondaries in lungs, liver, bones, chest wall and groin lymph nodes and began on MMS about 4 weeks ago. So far no discernable improvement, but we are ever hopeful and I will report his results as time goes on. We understand there is no simple test to undertake to determine if the MMS is actually working on him or not, but he says, “where there’s life there’s hope”.


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:

Adam Abraham said I could share this testimonial from his blog.

I began taking MMS approximately 2 months ago. I am 60 years old and have COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) with chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. I was on oxygen 24/7.

I was not bed ridden, but life was a real struggle. To give an example of how weak I was; I had to sit on a stool and lean on my elbows to brush my teeth because I didn’t have the strength to stand or to hold my body upright while I brushed my teeth.

Each day when I opened my eyes in the mornings I dreaded making the effort to get out of bed. But in only one week after beginning the MMS drops I noticed that I didn’t need my oxygen all the time and that I had strength and could walk easily through my home without gasping for air. I was able to remove the stool and stand to brush my teeth. I opened my eyes each morning looking forward to the day. By the end of the second week I was completely off the oxygen.

I am a new person and getting better with each passing day. I do things now that I have not been able to do in a long time. I vacuum, do laundry and am also able to go shopping. I’m beginning to have a real life. MMS has proven to be a MIRACLE for me and has literally given me back my life. God bless and have a wonderful day.

Jody K.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
MMS and Dental Infection

Name: Lloyd Age: 58  Weight: 140     Lifestyle notables: Mostly raw food diet many years, raw eggs ca. 5 y,

kefir 2 y, all 6 amalgam fillings removed in proper order in 1996, run uphill every day ca. 4 y.

Health challenges before MMS: Jaw pain from tooth infections or abscesses, headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, growth or tumor on mandible near eye tooth.

Other protocols being used: Was oil pulling with coconut oil.

Effects noticed from MMS: [below]

MMS Start date: Mid-October 2007

When taken: #DropsMMS: Which acid used (lemon, vinegar , Citric Acid 10%Solution) Effects:

Day 1: I think 2 drops, then 3 drops with vinegar                                                                                                                                   Day 2: 4, then 5 drops with vinegar                                                                                                                                                         Day 3: 5 and 5 drops with bottled lemon juice [vinegar hurt my rectum]                                                                                       Day 4: I think 5, 5 & 5 drops with lactic acid from kefir

– Jaw pain started 3 or 4 days before I got the MMS and continued until

about Day 6, mainly at night.

Day 5 or 6: 8, 8, 8 & 6 drops with bottled lemon juice

– Had to vomit a little in the middle of the night. I got real hot in the face and a bit sweaty for a moment. Then I had diarrhea briefly.When I returned to bed the jaw pain was gone.

Day 7-12: I dropped down to 6 drops about twice a day and raised it again gradually. When I got up to 10 drops twice a day, I vomited again at night. So I dropped back down to 7 or 8 at a time. I didn’t take any last night or today so far, but I plan to resume again tonight.

I skipped today so far, because I wanted to plant wheat at the farm and didn’t want to have nausea or sleepiness etc. I biked 9 miles to the farm up 3 big hills on the way. I disked 12 acres of ground, then I had to clean 17 bushels of wheat by hand with a screen and put them in the drill. That took a couple of hours. Then I planted the 12 acres of wheat and finally rode the bike up 3 slightly bigger hills over the 9 miles back home. I seemed to have more energy for riding the bike than I did 3 or 4 weeks ago when I did a similar feat.

– The growth or tumor on my mandible by my eyetooth, about a quarter inch in diameter, has been shrinking. It seems that my tooth infections may have spread into my neck, shoulder and maybe my upper spine. As the jaw pain left, so did much of the tenderness in those areas. The gum around my bad tooth remained a bit tender for a few days after the jaw pain left, but is no longer tender at all, that I can tell. There’s still a small sore spot on the other side of my jaw, which is fading.

– Hopefully, this will be the end of my periodic headaches and toothaches.


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Enlarged Thyroid Nodules 

This has turned out to be a very positive testimonial for MMS. If you have thryroid issues you sure want to think carefully about how you manage it. I also recommend that you plug in Iodine in this forum’s search bar and read about iodine supplementation.

Thank You,

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Thyroid Nodules

My wife has been diagnosed with enlarged thyroid nodules. From the little research I’ve done, a very common occurrence in middle aged women. Our family physician immediately recommended the four standard tests to determine what type of lump was in her throat. The thyroid hormone test revealed normal hormone levels in her blood. The radioactive iodine thyroid scan revealed a lump approximately 1 inch in size with tendencies of cancerous (as our doctor explained “A cold spot”). The next test was the ultra-sound. The pathologist explained that he observed three different types of tumor. A liquid filled, a benign lump, and a possible malignant lump. The pathologist immediately performed a needle aspiration to send samples for biopsy. After all that the tests came back “Inconclusive”. Our physician then referred her to a general surgeon.

It was at this time we came across Jim Humbles’ books and MMS. “What the heck” we thought. Ordered some solution, mixed it with some citric acid and water, and began treatment doses.

We both started them. She at two drops first and working her way to treatment dose of 15 drops then 15 more after two hours once per day. I immediately began at 10 drops first time. I plan to send an email to Mr Humble because of the results we are seeing. After two days of the small dosage my wife was taking, the lump reduced in size by half. It was no longer hard. She has been on the regime for a week now and the small soft lump is still slowly shrinking. She is now at 10 drops per dose, two doses per two hours, once per day. Can this stuff really work that fast? Coincidence? I don’t know.

We are planning to visit the General Surgeon in a couple weeks. We are both really excited and hopeful that these nodules are going away. Our physician has told us that it’s better to just remove the thyroid (even with inconclusive tests) than to chance the possible cancer spreading. I’ve read on medical web pages that this type of procedure has a very high success rate but still. If MMS works, why have the thyroid removed and put her on hormone medication for the rest of her life.

I did however look up some of FDA web sites on the sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide. It is mostly mumbo jumbo and chemical gobbledy goop but some of the text is actually understandable. For instance, all of what I read showed the tests done on rats and monkeys ingesting solutions showed no ill effects even at very high concentrations. Fumes and vapors were a different story at high concentration levels. I’m no expert and certainly do not want anyone to take my word on my technical interpretations.

I can without reservation, say that in the week we’ve been taking the MMS as explained by Mr Humble, we’ve suffered no ill effects except for my wife did feel some of the nausea and diarrhea but that is now subsiding. I on the other hand have noticed a subtle boost in energy and a moderate loss in appetite — this is good because I need to lose weight. If anyone is interested, I can post our progress. Thanks for listening.

OBTW… we tried the topical treatment first on some mosquito bites. Just like Mr humble said… they went away, disappeared! in ten minutes.


When I shared my wife’s diagnosis with coworkers, at least a half dozen of them explained to me that their wives or someone they knew had the operation done with “Inconclusive tests” only to find out after the thyroid was removed and biopsy performed that it was benign. That is most likely what we’d have done if not for the positive results we are seeing with MMS now. We decided to wait for a couple of weeks, our doctor (who does not know of our little experiment) said a couple weeks would not hurt anything unless the lump got larger. Then speed would be everything. So we’d have to monitor it carefully. Thank you too for the apple cider alternative, my wife certainly HATES the taste. We’ll try that. I guess, in our case, time will tell.


My wife unfortunately has not been as faithful as she should have been with the MMS. The taste is just too nasty for her to take day after day. She is on her forth week of 10 drop doses. Her thyroid gland is about the size of a big BB. I would have thought it would be gone by now but like I said, she’s not been faithful to the regime. At Farmgirl’s advise she’s started taking it with pure apple cider and the taste is a little better. I am almost certain the MMS has worked for her.

A side note:

I told a friend of our experience with MMS and after listening to our success he decided to try it on his cat which has been diagnosed with multiple cancerous tumors, very large ones he said. In addition, he added that the cat was not expected to live much longer. After a week of force feeding the cat a small daily dose of the MMS he informs me the tumors have reduced in size by about 30%. My friend is in the food science R&D world who’s medical opinions mean nothing, but I trust his observations simply because I know he’s thorough.

I hope everyone who trys this stuff with ailments has success like or better than what we’ve had.

Bottoms Up with this nasty tasting stuff and be well!



I hope to, in the future acquire the xrays and sonograms taken of her neck both before and after MMS treatment. If I can I will try to post them . We’ve had to postpone the follow up visit again. I’m hoping we can make the growth disappear in it’s entirety before we return to the general surgeon. The dramatic results my wife has obtained has sparked interest in most that I’ve told. I know one of my friends wants to try it on his enlarged prostrate. I can only report of his experience anonymously unless I can convince him to post. Thanks for your interest.



Well… the results are in, kinda. My wife and I visited our physician. He reviewed her thyroid scans and his notes. Puzzled, he probed and poked around her neck. He could not find any lumps or nodules in her thyroid. Unfortunately, his comment to us was the the lump must have just been an infection and consequently went away by itself. We did not tell the good doctor of her MMS regime. We felt it would fall on deaf ears. I was hoping he would recommend follow up scans but he did not. I cannot afford to have them taken without our insurance covering some of the cost. This was frustrating and I can only think of two possibilities. 1) Should people who are suffering from enlarged thyroid glands just wait and see if it is only an infection that will go away by itself? 2) Should people suffering from an enlarged thyroid gland listen to the doctors and just have it removed? Some of the more fortunate people have had success with medication but that option was not offered to us. They WERE concerned that it was cancerous. We were prepared for option #2. The pathologist and general surgeon both recommended her thyroid removal and she was scheduled to do just that. She’d then have a large scar on her throat and dependent on hormone medicine the rest of her life. Personally, I think we did the right thing. Smart? Probably not. We took a chance, prayed real hard and got lucky. But… There’s my friend with his cat, Dublin. The cat that had a very large cancerous tumor on its neck. It’s getting better! What are we to make of this? Another infection that is going away by itself? Who can we sick people turn to? Maybe we should just take the MMS and wait for the “Infections” to go away?




This is really GROSS! For at least ten years I’ve had a small visibly unnoticeable bump beneath my left eye. I could feel it when washing my face. I always thought it was just some sort of weird growth beneath the skin. It never got bigger and was not painful. Well, the other day I noticed it was starting to protrude to the surface of my skin. I just lightly scratched it and EEwwww! A large hard core came out. It left a small but deep hole in my skin. It has healed fine and now the bump is entirely gone. I didn’t think too much of it until today. On my wife’s back she has had a bump from her teenage years where she was bitten by a large wood spider. I noticed the same pattern of protrusion. So… I squeezed it (a gross habit I developed back in my teenage years) OMG! This had to be the biggest, nastiest hard core blackhead I’ve ever seen in my life! I remember reading somewhere that sometimes toxins that ones body cannot dispense sometimes just lodge in the skin and become hard bumps.

Could it be possible that the MMS is causing this? Could it be that the detox is working on our skin also? Sorry if I grossed anyone out but since we’re talking medical here I thought it worth mentioning.


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Sjogren’s Disease                  

Thanks Farm Girl for this story….

My father-in-law was recommended this product by his naturpath. He was diagnosed with Sjogren’s disease about a year ago and had all the debilitating symptoms: dry eyes (needed drops every few hours), dry mouth (needed to drink water with meals/food), and much lower energy level. Since taking MMS for the last month and a half, he has had an amazing recovery: no longer needs eye drops at all, sleeps like a baby at night, and has no dry mouth at all. As well, he has resumed his passion, tennis (at 71 years of age!)

He is taking approximately 20 drops a day, but started out slowly with only 2-4 drops a day. He did experience some nausea at the onset, but as toxins left his system, those symptoms also left and he feels better than he has in years.

My husband and I have been taking it as well for the last few weeks, and again, there have been some great developments – my husband’s chronic eye problems (redness, itchiness) have all but disappeared, and he is sleeping more restfully. He, also, experienced some mild nausea and diahrea at the onset.

I have not undergone any “side effects” at all, per se, but aside from his eyes clearing up and sleeping better, my husband has noticed other subtle improvements: hardly any plaque buildup on his teeth overnight (sometimes a problem), more regular bowel movements, and clearing up of his sinuses.

Read the literature, both Books 1 and 2, then try it for yourselves. Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Farm Girl

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:


I think one of the reasons, testimonies are not rapidly forthcoming is that it is taking several weeks or more to increase MMS dosing to effective levels without having disabling nausea and diarrhea.My wife is a case in point.

Over a year ago, my wife’s bowels blocked with Diverticulitis. She developed pain and fever and had to be hospitalized. There was enough of an obstruction that they could not get the scope past the blockage. She was fortunate enough to have a doctor that preferred medical treatment instead of surgery. She was treated with antibiotics and scoped a second time about a week later. Although the blockage opened up it was not enough to allow the scope to pass.Thus we still do not know what exactly exists proximal to the blockage. Since that time she has had to be exceedingly careful of her diet.

About the time we got the MMS three weeks ago, she was having pain and nausea again in her abdomen but there has been no obstruction.She started with 1 drop and has steadily been increasing her dosage. She can now tolerate 5 drops, once a day at night. She has had much diarrhea with the MMS, not a nice thing considering she must travel to her bookeeping clients by car. The thing that is interesting about her stools is the release of blacked pieces of stool in the diarrhea that look as though they may have come from the diverticulae. This happened about 1 1/2 weeks into MMS dosing.

At any rate, while not even up to a theraputic dose yet, she is now able to eat without nausea and pain and she feels that her intestinal problem has been abated and she feels relieved. She actually had a piece of pizza the other day and enjoyed it, even afterwards.


MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
HQ’s experience
I started MMS 8 days ago. Starting with 2 drops and 2 additional drops each day. Got to clear up this lifelong sinus and lifelong constipation problem. I think it is fungi.

I’m doing this with apple cider vinegar and water. When I get to the grocery store, I use the little plastic lemon things and water. I only use a cup of water. I only do it on an empty stomach and wait an hour before eating. I do this first thing in the morning.

Day 6 was the day I took 12 drops. It was vomit after 2 hours of consumption. I only had water in my stomach; so no acid. After 2 more hours, I had cold dripping sweats. Literally dripping. I hope I’m not being too grossly graphic for you.

Day 7 I decided to stay with 12 drops, just in case. Today my purge was liquid doo-doo. Almost all morning. All day I felt bloated, like there is more to come.

Day 8 I’ll stick with 12 drops. I’ll do that every day until I’ve stopped purging. Then I’ll move on. One more drop each day, instead of 2. I’ve got to go to the grocery store; so, I wait until I get back home for my daily dose. I don’t want to be embarrassed in the grocery store.

HQ: 14th 1:19PM

Here I am on day 8 and 12 drops.

I am nauseated. Bowels are producing liquid again. Intestines hurt a little. Inflamed? Bloated. Sinuses draining. I’m afraid to eat lunch. It might not stay down. I’m considering backing off to 10 drops tomorrow; so I can get my life back.

HQ: fri, sept 14th 9:26PM

Thanks for your advice l & l. I accept it. Especially after today. My sinuses are clearing too. Today my intestines feel like they are stretched full of water. I normally do drink a lot of water. I did evacuate a lot; but it sure feels like there is a lot more. I’ll drop back to 8 drops and stay there for a while. I have too many things to do next week to be under such handicap.

And I am using lemon now. I’m using the 100% juice from those plastic things. I don’t know if I really have Candida, or Leaky Gut. I guess it does not matter as long as this stuff will kill fungi or bacteria.

HQ: sat, sept 15th 4:47PM

It does sound like parasites, not mucous. It’s seems quite common for us to have these things. That’s the good thing about MMS. It will help us get rid of such. I’ve already done a parasite purge a few months ago and 6 months before that. If we continue to take a daily dose of MMS, we should not be bothered by such things again.

Even though I’ve dropped back some, I’m still having problems. I must have bad things going on in me that I wasn’t previously aware.

HQ: Re: sat, sept 15th 4:49PM

Day 8 was miserable at 12 drops still. Mostly nausea and diarrhea. All day. I wonder why so many can take so much MMS; but I have such horrid problems. I could not eat very much. That’s not good for me. I’m already underweight.

HQ: Day 9 sat, sept 15th 4:54PM

Well day 9 and I am at 10 drops. I take mine in the morning. All morning I’ve been nauseous and still diarrhea. I don’t know how I can have much more. I’ve not been eating much. I’ve been able to breathe much better. That’s one of my major goals. For about an hour, today, my sinuses swelled and closed off air in my nose. Then it went away and absolutely no problem now.

I’m better by afternoon; so I’ll get to eat a hearty supper.

HQ: personal exp. Day 10 sun, sept 16th 4:56PM

I had to back down to 8 drops. A little queezy for a little bit. Some minor diarrhea, then solid BM. I’ll move up 1 drop at a time this time; and I’ll stay at each dosage; until I’m comfortable to move ahead.

I’m now using 1/2 cup of distilled water and RealLemon as the activator. No juice. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I don’t eat until an hour later.

HQ: Day 11 mon, sept 17th 4:12PM

I’m still at 9 drops once a day. I only want to feel that way once a day. My BMs are back to normal; which is not great but at least happening. Just a little nervous stomach about a half hour after dose. Unfortunately, sinuses are back to normal too. Maybe a little better than normal. I’m still not going to rush this.

HQ: Re: 15 drops. tues, sept 18th 7:10PM

I just wonder how you are able to get away with this much (15 DROPS). I’m still at 9 drops. I’m using RealLemon with 1/2 cup distilled water on an empty stomach. I must have so much stuff wrong with me. You must be fairly clean. Did you remember to keep it away from vitamin C?

HQ’s experience: – day 13 wed, sept 19th 2:24PM

I made it to 10 drops. Absolutely no problem reaction. I’m sure I can move ahead one more drop tomorrow.

I sinuses are improved; but still need work. My BMs are very much improved. Yesterday, I had 3. That’s very unsual. I usually have 1 each day. It is very seldom that I miss one in a day.

Now, I just wish this would not give me gas that I can’t seem to release easily.

HQ’s personal esp – Day 15 fri, sept 21st 9:02PM

I am unable to get beyond 11 drops. No nausea; but diarrhea. That’s not so bad; as long as I drink plenty of water and take some form of minerals. At least I’m going to the toilet. My normal is once a day and only with the help of some casgara sagrada product. Now, I’m having BMs, although mostly liquid, 2 to 3 times a day. Since that is happening my sinuses are mostly cleared too. My sinuses must be attached to my bowels. That’s my best guess. My goal is still 15 drops for 30 days with no incident.

The weekend made me cut all the way back to 6 drops from 11. Not because of health issues; but because I was going to be in public all weekend. I did not want to be embarrassed, if anything happened to me.

I took 11 drops, all at once, today. I always take the dose all at once. Absolutely no problems with this; so, I’m moving to 12 tomorrow. I wish I could post health progress; but I guess my body is just not ready. My sinus are still stuffed most of the time. My BMs are somewhat better. I know it is going to take, at least 15 drops or even more, to fix this.

The only problem, I have with MMS, is a sensation of gas on my bowels. I’ve described this as bloating before. Maybe it is; because I’m certainly not passing the gas. Anyone else with this sensation? This occurs, even with 6 drops; and mostly takes a day for it to happen. It is aggravating and painful.

I am using RealLemon as the activator; just because I don’t like the taste of lime. I’m using distilled water to drink it. 1/2 cup of distilled water. One half cup makes it easy to swallow it in about two gulps. Then, I’m waiting for 45 minutes until I eat anything. I would not dare snuff it into my nose. My sinuses are very sensitive from over 50 years of sinus problems. I decided not to try the citric acid. Jim did say that it is the best though. I don’t really want to mix one more thing. I’ve heard that you do have to mix the citric acid. I’d alway wonder if I really did it right. BTW: I must have something like Candida; because apple cider vinegar always made me feel worse in my sinuses.


Hq: I too believe that MMS is a fantastic cure for many pathogenic problems. It certainly has nearly cured me of at least 4 health problems. I have not been able to post at your health salon forum. I put in comments; but nothing happens, even though it says it is accepted. My remaining problem is causing sinus congestion for life. I think it is a Candida fungi. No matter. MMS has cleared it so much that I only have to use OTC nasal spray once a day. Not even much rebound from the spray. It may also be due to the use of paradophilus too; so my testimonial may be distorted.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
I have used MMS every day since September 2007. I am thrilled to report that I can now breath like a normal person. For nearly 60 years, I have not been able to do so. Fungus overload. I’m convinced that the fungus is not obliterated; so I will continue a daily dose of 6 or more drops. I never thought I would get this far. 7 months is worth it.

First thing it did was to clear up external fungus problems; even though I was only using it internally. Toenail fungus was the first to go. Then jock itch. Also, solar keratosis, not a fungus, cleared. It just dried up and flaked off and did not return.

Next, it wiped out the fungi in the bloodstream, where MMS does most of its work. And why not? Chlorine dioxide is used in municipal water systems to destroy pathogens. It should have not problem in my blood system.

It continue to fine tune my intestines, where the fungus starts.So, my point is that the very minor risk, if any at all, is worth the reward.

The amount of chlorine dioxide, in the MMS protocol is way minor in contrast to the laboratory studies. It is sodium chlorite in its beginning. This is diluted to 28% in distilled water; which is diluted further by adding a half cup of water or juice. By the time it is ingested, the chlorine dioxide is less that 1 ppm. Many hundreds of people have been using sodium chlorite, which is converted to chlorine dioxide, for many years with no problem. They have been using it in a product, called Stabilized Oxygen.

I will always want chlorine dioxide on my side at any outbreak of flu or pandemic.

21. 11/12/07

Hi xxx,
I don’t have cancer that I know of.But I have been devastated by something that is killing me. Extreme fatigue, Brain fog, Locked up lower back,Recently thinning hair and blurry vision,and many more symptoms.I have been told I have mercury poisoning from the pretty silver fillings in my teeth which I intend to remove when I can afford it. I have been taking MMS for about 6 or 7 weeks, And it is slowly cleaning this junk out of me. It has not been over night, And there has been a few times I had to slow down a little, Because of high pressure bathroom visits. There is definitely something in my body MMS doe’s not seem to care for. It is “unlocking” my lower back, And I am sleeping great compared to the virtual insomnia I used to have. I have a better sense of well being. I am sure it is just a matter of time that it will get me where I want to be, As well as using other things that are specific to my needs.

I also gave some MMS to my cousin who was recently told that she has fibromyalgia. She was almost to the point I was, She even needed help bathing and getting undressed, She had what you could say was an overnight sucess with MMs. A few days,She’s back to work. I was amazed to see it work that fast on a person.

She is still having smaller problems, Such as her bowels are still cleansing. (She has an extended tummy), Causing me to suspect a plugged bowel. This seems to work well on plugged bowels. I am sure every ones needs are different,

But here is a list of my suggestions to you.I have had swollen lymph glands for years. Sota’s magnetic pulser worked great for this condition, As well as MMS. My next step is Enzymes, There is a great post here in this forum about them.Also I intend to get a stirwand to oxygenate water. These are available from http://www.globallight.net/ . Please make sure you have no metals in your mouth. Do a heavy metal detox. Globallight has free cd’s and dvd’s explaining many of these. You might want to look at ENGERG-IODINE™,


Hope this helps. You can beat this, Yes you can, Hang in there!! I’ll say a prayer for you.


In the past, several things have relieved me of prostate problems and I thought I had no issue there. Lakhovsky loops around the waist had already helped a lot in the past year.

When I took MMS I was unaware of any action to the prostate or any part of the urinary tract.Yesterday I took my first long trip since having taken MMS. I normally suffer from TB on a trip: Tiny Bladder ;>)

Not to be indelicate, but I was pretty amazed at myself, what I could hold and how much came out when I did go, more than I can remember since I was at least 20 years younger. The most amazing thing was the absence of my usual I GOTTA GO feeling. I just felt full, that was all. No huge emergency feeling,felt like I could have gone a little longer, then a flood when I did go.

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
The Runs
Yes, MMS gives you “the runs”. MMS should be started at only 1 drop and increased one drop at a time only when a prior dose has no severe reaction. Going from 2 drops to 5 drops on the 2nd dose was a big hike since diahhrea is usual for most taking it from 3-5 drops (it is for me for sure). I went from 1 drop to 2, and then to 3 drops with no trouble but from 4 to 5 still produces diahhrea, so I am cut back and am taking only 4 drops now (after 10 days). I had no severe illness I know of when starting MMS either, just want good health. It is improving my sleep, happiness, athlete’s foot, and energy levels so far. I intend to keep using it.

Kathy Freeman

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Dizzy ?

I’ve been on MMS for three weeks and never got nauseous. I’m up to 15 drops, once or twice a day. This seems unusual to me. I have gotten tired and a bit dizzy, though and it’s handling Candida. Anyone have this response? Thomas Atkinson Says:                                                                                                                 July 30th, 2010 at 10:57 am

I am a paraplegic and have been having long time battle with urinary tract infections (UTI) problems as well as non healing open sores on my right leg. I started taking MMS at two drops twice a day and had no ill effects. After the second day the horrible night sweats from the UTI totally subsided and after four days my urine was 80% more clear. I Gradually upped the dosage by 2 drops per day up to 8 drops twice a day with no problems. By two weeks the oldest wound which was 5 years old and in a stable but not healing state for two of those years was 90% healed. By three weeks it was completely healed. The other wound is moving along quite nicely. Since it had gotten rather deep it will take some time to heal, But I expect it to be done in a month or so. I have bought extra bottles to give to a friend who has fibromyalgia and hepatitis C to contend with. Will post on it helps her. Telling anyone who will listen about MMS.

At www.natmedtalk.com there are several people who are using mms for hep c and doing well. They may want to join for support. Somewhere here on healthsalon there is a comment just recently about someone who was in line for a liver transplant for hep c as they were dying. After mms the liver transplant is no longer needed. Of course doctors are astounded.. Now the FDA is putting warnings out on MMS. Buyer beware. The FDA lies.

Bergy Says:                          

Sorry I took so long to get back to you.MMS is not toxic to healthy people. I another words, if you have no bacteria or viruses to kill, it simply does nothing, as it has no target.

The reaction to MMS is caused by the destruction of these pathogens. Once they are all or mostly gone, there is no reaction to it. I take 15 drops once a week, and I can’t tell any difference between taking it or not. But I have used it for several weeks in which I have taken care of most pathogens in my body. I do not have Lyme, but I do have Crohn’s disease. Most of my bad bacteria and parasites were in my intestinal tract.

My wife, on the other hand had a very pronounced reaction since she has Lyme disease. Her spine hurt terrible at first. When it got unbearable, she would stop taking it for a while. Now after much of it is cleared out, she really has very slight sensations if any at all. Her ankles are still sore at times, so she still has bacteria left, but it appears to be much reduced. I have been giving her 15 drops once a day.

D Bergy

Forest Sprague Says:            

I have been reading these postings with much interest. Since I was able to make a lesion (possibly pre-cancerous) disappear from my chest in four days taking mms internally and topically. For example: A crusty lesion that I had on my chest that I had burned off by my doctor who did not even bother to find out one way or another if it was cancerous. He was simply treating the symptom. It was there for two years. After three weeks of taking mms and finally getting up to fifteen drops I also noticed one day the fungus under my toe nails had cleared up. I have had that problem for over ten years. Also, an infected tooth under a crown subsided and has not given my any problems. This is partly why I started distributing mms locally where I live. It has been six months now and have had many success stories including curing animals from different ailments. Horses, dogs and chickens. When our dogs breath starts to smell three to five drops of mms in a chicken broth takes care of that over night. These are big dogs, smaller doses for smaller dogs recommended. We use the mms to clean common areas that people touch like toilet handles and light switches. I have had mix results with the flu. Sometimes it knocks the flu out in a matter of hours but then other times it seems to not do anything. The point is mms has a very broad range of uses that seems to work. My email is forest@crosscult.com if someone wants to ask me about our experiences.

Danny Says:                                                                                                                                            July 19th, 2009 at 3:30 am

I ordered a bottle of MMS some time ago with the activator. Tried it a couple but do not like the taste at all!!! But it does work…

I had never had food poisoning in my life…I went to dinner one evening and awoke in the night and seriously thought I was dying…said my prayers and was ready to go!! I almost went to the hospital which I NEVER do. So I thought…Hmmm…I wonder if this is food poisoning…I descided to try some MMS, 15 drops…AMAZING…within 20 minutes it was GONE…I am impressed…I keep wanting to go through th whole treatment thing but the taste is so terrible I have not been able to do it…I need to try it in juice as suggested…the stuff works..plain and simple.

Royce Hamer Says:                                                                                                                                 April 25th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

I am on MMS and I have had bouts of diarrhea and throwing up at only 6 drops so I back off just as Jim Humble tells us to. What I saw in the toilet was rather disgusting. I am sure I saw worms and ???. This material has no chance of hurting you since all you are getting is oxygen to kill pathogens. When the MMS life is over in about two hours it reverts to sodium (table salt) about one grain per drop. Please google MMS Jim Humble and read over some of the sites and follow instructions for effective use with out the problems of big D and vomit. Even then it creeps up on you then back off. I have also used Hydrogen Peroxide same way with no ill effects and good results but Hydrogen Peroxide has two extra oxygen atoms and is and can oxidize healthy tissue. Both are amazing products if used correctly but you will not hear this from the drug companies or their buddies in medicine. Also check your diet and change to a healthy one and check your body PH and keep it alkaline, acid will assist the bad things to flourish. Hope this helps.

30. Linda Says:                                                                                                                                                   May 8th, 2010 at 7:22 am

My kids both had the horrible stomach flu last week… I started my mms and used it three days, small amounts, as a preventative measure. It worked !! It doe NOT kill bad bacteria. The only thing this does is add a molecule of oxygen which kills ALL bad bacteria. Good bacteria in the body cannot be oxygenated :)

I have used it through three rounds of their illnesses including colds. It can make you feel a little nauseated, remember , it is causing bad bacterial cells to explode literally, so you have to get that out of your body. Once expelled, you are good as new !

I also love how it eliminates halitosis and makes your teeth and gums healthier and white !!

31. Gareth Says:                                                                                                                                    January 4th, 2010 at 7:25 pm

First let me say I have nothing to do with MMS and am in no way associated with them as a compnay. I was told 4 weeks ago by 3 surgeons that my mom had a matter of month’s to live with Stage 4 Utinary Cancer which had spread. They offered “Salvage” Chemo. At that point we found MMS and I started giving it to my mother. She got sick and had really bad diarreah for about 2 days then started to become stronger everyday. We went to the same doctors today and took another blood test. They stood there in shock saying its amazing/miricle her blood work was fine. I can’t think of anything else apart from the MMS that could have pretty much killed my mothers stage 4 cancer !!!!!! If you have no hop try MMS what have you got to loose !!! We did and My mom at 83 still may yet to live to 100 …. God bless all of you with any chronic illness but please give it a try you may have the same conclusion as my mother !!!!

32. Louis Says:                                                                                                                                          January 6th, 2008 at 11:52 pm

My wife is a Diabetic and also has Cancer (Ovarian) and has been taking MMS for about 2 weeks now. She is up to 15 drops a day and has the big D. several times a day. She Kaopeptate to control it so she can sleep without getting up all night long. Her shots were up to 35 Units in the morning and 25 at night. She is now taking only 25 units in the morning and none at night. I will let you know about her Cancer after she gets her next Blood test in 13 January, 2008. Her last test (CA-125) was up from 290 to 430. “We are holding our breath on this test but have our fingers crossed. She has had 2 operations 1 series of Radiation treatments, 4 different Chemo series treatments before we found out about MMS.

33. Linda Kelly Says:                                                                                                                                  July 7th, 2010 at 6:42 pm

hi – I have Hep C and after 2 weeks my ALT dropped by 40, my AST dropped by 10. I’ll have another test in a couple months. I’m up to 15 drops, twice a day (can’t remember to take more often), but I’m not sure how many days to stay at 15 drops. I will let the world know if it gets rid of it, but I am feeling infinetely better. It also seems to be helping with some nerve damage.

34. http://www.healthsalon.org/497/fda-warns-agaisnt-mms/

35. http://www.healthsalon.org/54/the-low-down-and-dirty-with-the-epa/

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Cancer Treatment.
Hi, In March 2010 a 80 year old man was diagnosed with cancer stage 4. I witnessed the medical consult and the man was told he has only two/three months to live. I told the man I could help him and started the MMS1 protocol for cancer stage 4. After 2 weeks taking MMS1 he felt much better and begin to gain weight again.He also started taking MMS2 four times a day. Today April 30th. he feels better then ever before and gained over 10 pounds weight!! He should be dead by now..but no way thanks to MMS1 and MMS2. I have mu own website for the dutch people. www.ziektevrij.nl You can read about Jim and MMS Robert

Robert F. ( Cancer Treatment , Netherlands )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Hepatitis B gone!!!
“Hello Jim, Attached please find my Hepatitis B lab test report. My friend and I have started drinking MMS for a week with 15 drops then go to Lab test. Two weeks later report come back with negative result. 75% South East Asian Chinese who come to U.S. has Hepa- titis B and doctors have no sure solution to cure it. But my Friend Tim & I drink MMS 15 drops for a week then our 20 years Hepatitis B are clean. I myself learn about MMS since last year. I download all the books, also translate them into Chinese and share with many friends & relative. I also help a Korean lady who got stage 4 colon cancer. Doctor said she has only 6 months to live, but after she follow my suggestion on taking MMS she still living after 18 months. I also help 3 HIV / AIDS friend by taking MMS and they can eliminate 3 very expensive drugs. Raymond, Hong Kong\”

Raymond ( Hep. B )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Abscess KO’ed in a matter of hours

Thank God I’ve been blessed with good health in general, but I’ve had a occasion to use this solution to deal with a few different issues to include abscess tooth, food poisoning, various stomach issues… fortunately I’ve had no serious issues thus far to address….

Stephen ( USA )

Took protocol 1000 and completely cured pain and toxicity that caused intense anxiety was able to get off all meds easily

Dear Mr. Humble. I met Janet through a wonderful Lymph Node Drainage Massage Therepsit who also has really helped me heal. Rosalie took me in to see Janet and within the first hour or two I started to relax and feel good again. I had no idea how toxic I was and I actually thought I was doing pretty well after getting my thyroid medicine. I wasn’t within 2 hours I could feel the toxicity from years and years of meds and experimental treatmetns start to leave me. I feel so good and my pain is totally gone. I had some stining during the flush of toxins out of my bladder, but it was nothing compared to the pain I suffered for 20 years. I look great and my skin recovered. I look like myself againa nd you saved my life. Thank you sooo much now I think I can finally fulfill my dream of having a healthy baby. I could never repay you and Janet thank you sooo much (A.J) I look forward to meeting you someday soon. I want to take some biochem classes and I find this cure incredibly appropriate for a water scientist like myself. Sincerely and with love AJ

Allison Maupin ( Interstitial Cystiis/Chronic Pain cured , Reno, NV )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Viral Mennigitis

Hello Mr. Humble I started MMS 5 days ago. I had contracted viral mennengites, not treatable by conventional medicine. I had a little nausia the first day and a touch of diarrhea. By the third all of my symptoms were gone and haven’t returned. There does appear to be one additional side effect. I have suffered with psoriasis on knees and elbows for thirty years. There is still some redness but all scales have gone. Thank you, Andre

Andre Rogers ( Mr. , Taos, NM )

follicular non hodgkin\’s lymphoma

Hi my name is Rob. I was diagnosed with follicular non hodgkins lymphoma four years ago, and I just found MMS and I am giving it a go, the results are not it yet but I am very positive, however I have had a chronic shoulder/back problem for the last thirty years, I am 49 by the way. Anyhow I’ve been on MMS for about a week and the pain in my shoulder/back area has decreased remarkably, now wether it’s the placebo affect I\’m not sure, but my god it’s good to been pain free.

Rob Avery ( Mr , Australia )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
How to manage test of MMS

Hello, Jim! I am very sensitive to smell of MMS and finally I have found a way to avoid bad smell of it. I simply use mint. I prepare a very stron mint tea, wait untill it cold down, and then simply add already activated MMS in. With a strong smell of mint it is not possible detect MMS! Simple and very effective!:-) I think it will be helpful for many MMS users! Best regards, Julia Majo.

Julia Majo

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:


David STEVENS ( drs , united kingdom )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Cancer cured!!!

Dear Jim, You remember the case of my dad, which I write to you a while ago. In his surgery for colon obstruction, the doctors found massive tumor grown through surrounding organs. They removed it but most his liver badly damaged. The surgeon not give him a good prognosis. He said if my dad took chemotherapy, he might live 6 months and with no chemotherapy, just six, eight weeks. In December 2010, my dad decided to taking MMS and no chemotherapy. He started Protocol 2000. One drop of MMS1 every hour 10 hours a day and MMS2 capsule 4 times a day. The capsules just two thirds full. If he felt nauseous after third capsule, he didn’t take number four. Now he is still with us two months later and managing very well. Full of energy, planning his life, going for walks nearly most days. Today my daughter phoned me crying, she is so happy. She took my dad for tests when she found doctor to order them. My dad’s doctors refused to treat him when he refused chemotherapy. Tumor markers – zero Liver – completely clean, without any damage He does not have cancer any more! I cried on the phone with my daughter and now I’m sending you a really, really big thank you! You saved her granddaddy and my dad! We have all documentation and have it translated in English and send it. Jim, thank you! John W, Czech Republic

John W. ( Czech Republic )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Lymph Node Cancer

Hi Jim & All…Please to send us the maintinance protocal using MMS1-MMS2..I personaly cured my wife’s lymph-node cancer with MMS-1&2.. Doctors wanted to do Chemo & Rad,i did not take her. I followed your advice..cured in about 3 mons. God Bless you & all you do.. TY

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
TY ( Cancer )

My thanks to Humanitarian Extraordinaire – Jim Humble

I sent this to all people I know: Hi everyone, First off, this is not an advertisement and I am not selling you anything. This is my personal experience this week. I want to tell you how I just conquered the nasty virus that hit me last week – and which for most people when contracted takes weeks to a month or more to get over. Last Friday, my energy began slowing down and I felt totally dehydrated. Jim fell to the virus about a week ahead of me . . . which then began to attack me. By Saturday night I was down. I battled it with essential oils, all kinds of dietary supplements and lots of bed rest. On Tuesday, I was browsing the net and came upon the Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) founded/discovered by Jim Humble. I then remembered that (my) Jim had helped a guy out on a project about a year ago – and the guy sent a bottle of MMS as a thank you. The MMS sat in our fridge since receiving it. With the advent of this viral attack, and seeing info on the net about MMS, I started reading about it – and the material I read thoroughly blew my mind. Jim Humble had CURED thousands of people of Malaria, hundreds who were plagued with AIDS and others with Lupus, Cancer, Herpes, Hepatitis, etc. – basically eradicating any anaerobic pathogen (micro organisms that don’t use oxygen – the bad guys that makes us sick) including viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, mold, etc. BTW, Humble stated that at the center of cancer is a “bug” which I’ve heard before having read about a physician in Italy who said fungus was the culprit living inside tumors. MMS does not attack our cells or beneficial bacteria that help us digest our foods since those cells/organisms are aerobic (they use oxygen). He said our blood cells pick up the MMS Cl02 molecules which are comprised of two oxygen atoms and one chlorite atom and delivers it where oxygen is needed and releases it. If the released MMS molecules come across an anaerobic pathogen, Humble says it attacks it like a ferocious Tasmanian Devil and blows it up! I thought – wow – that’s some interesting imagery!!! Well, I thought, let me find out the protocol of using it and try it out. I then went to my kitchen and took the MMS out of the fridge and put the smallest dosage of one drop in a spoon. I added five drops of fresh lemon juice to activate it according to instructions, waited 3 minutes for the activation to complete, then added it to about 4 ounces of apple juice, per instruction. I drank it down. I offered to make a dose for Jim, but he declined. Within a few hours of taking it all coughing and sneezing stopped. The following day I took another dose. To bring it to Jim’s attention again, I asked if he had heard me coughing at all – he said no. I told him that I had no doubt that the MMS was responsible – then again offered to make him a dose since he was still coughing and sneezing after being under siege for a week and a half. He acquiesced and took the dose. Within hours his coughing and sneezing stopped. I am still expectorating the aftermath of the junk left from the virus in my lungs – but I do not feel compelled to cough all the time due to a continuing viral infection. I believe the Miracle Mineral Solution is indeed a miracle and am very grateful to Jim Humble for bringing this magic bullet to The People. His book even tells you how to make this solution in your own kitchen because he doesn’t want Big Pharma to suppress the information such as they have with a multitude of natural remedies in the interest of protecting their profits. In an online interview (link below), this great humanitarian recounts a story of a friend of his who was in Africa curing people of malaria. While doing this good work, Jim’s friend was approached by two Big Pharma reps who told him to stop what he was doing. Jim’s friend basically told the reps to take a hike. When he got back to his hotel room – the door was rigged with explosives and blew his legs off. Jim’s friend now sits in a wheelchair for the rest of his life here in California. Jim Humble has since moved to Mexico to avoid this type of terrorism potentially directed against him. MMS sells for about $20 (by Jim’s request to keep it affordable by all) for a 4 ounce bottle which he says will last a person about a year and a half if used regularly for maintenance of the immune system. He says 5 cents of the solution cures malaria in about 4 hours which is supposedly incurable according to the allopathic medical community (the longer people are on symptom relieving pharmaceuticals – the more $$$ for Big Pharma). My household will always have it on hand now that I know it’s power. I’ve copied some links here with Jim Humble\’s interview, info and mixing instructions for MMS. I hope you\’ll check it out for yourselves. There are different protocols for different diseases which are clearly outlined online, i.e. cancer takes a month or more to kill off and has it’s own instructions of use – as opposed to malaria which cures in a few hours after a dose or two. This stuff even strengthens your teeth & gums by brushing with it and also cures skin cancer when mixed with DMSO and applied to cancerous lesions! You can also treat animals with it. I gave a couple doses to my dog today. The benefits of MMS seem endless . . . here are a few links for your consideration: Jim Humble interview on MMS: http://www.themiraclemineralsupplement.com/ Important MMS info: http://www.miraclemineral.org/importantinfo.php How to use MMS: http://www.mmsfacts.com/how-to-mix-and-activate-mms There is a great deal more info and testimonials online . . . I encourage you to investigate. To our good health, Kim http://www.malibukim.com P.S. FYI, the FDA & USDA are filled with former Big Pharma & Big Biotech employees & lawyers who are fully looking out for their vested interests in those Cartels. In my opinion, Big Pharma is the worst drug pushers on the planet killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people each year with their chemicals and Big Biotech is destroying nature\’s genetic code with GM Frankenfoods which will shortly have devastating effects on the world\’s food supply, deadened soils from their cavalier spraying of toxic chemicals and polluted water from the runoff of their toxic chemicals into our waterways. I have signed countless petitions online to make my voice heard. I hope you will join me in raising your voices with me.

Kim La Chance ( Health Champion at MalibuKim.com , California )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Treated athletics feet (Fungal Infections)

I had some pains between the toes. One evening I decided to treat using MMS. So I warmed some water. I activated 15 drops of MMS with 15 drops of Citric Acid in a basin. I then added the warm water and then put my feet in the water bath for 15 minutes. I let the feet then dry and went to sleep. The following day I never had the pain. It is about over 2 months now and the infection is no more. I also use MMS to treat drinking water and sometimes I take it orally about 5 drops. I was introduced to MMS by my employer Tony, who brought me a pair of the bottles and a DVD and asked me to try it. Great work Jim Humble. Would you be generous enough to Send me the latest DVDs. I did some tests on how MMS kills bacterias and maybe I will send you some photos. Thanks a lot. Anthony Muiruri Nairobi, KENYA

Anthony Muiruri ( Mr , Nairobi, KENYA )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Athletes foot

I had athletes foot, as long as i can think of, i\’d say ,I inherited it from my mother.. I’m 68 now and i gave up on it,using all the available brands of anti fungus salves on the market, to no avail. just 1 capsule of mms2 with some water lasts me for a fortnight .I use it now since more than 6 months and the fungus left without trace,just after a few days, for me a personal miracle, thanks a lot JIM !

franz ( austria )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Cured from Leision in Colon and Tumor

My father was diagnosed with the following mentioned above 10 weeks ago, he was not having any bowel movements, he did not have any appetite and he lost 43 pounds in 3 weeks, when he walked from the bed to the kitchen and back he was extremely exhausted and all limbs were week. I ordered the MMS for him and begun Claras 6 by 6 and increased it by one drop every day after one week, after 3 weeks he was back outside working with the workmen helping to build our health detox spa. He continues to use it as much as 5 times a week and he is very well indeed, thanks to MMS. THERE ARE OTHER COLLEGUES IN THE HEALTH BUSINESS WHOM WOULD LIKE TO COME TO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC TO DO YOUR COURSE ON MMS, IS THIS STILL AVAILABLE? May the Rest of Your Life, be the Best of Your Life, Richard

Richard Homer ( Bio-Feedback Consultant, 3D D-Tox Practitioner / Health Coach , Trinidad & Tobago )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
COPD Healing

A friend recently introduced me to their daughter (42yr old) who has suffered with COPD for years and recently had gotten terribly worse. Her mother asked me if I would call her daughter and offer help. When I first called her she could barely hold a conversation and it was very hard to understand most of what she said. She told me she had been unable to work for a month and was often unable to go from one room to the next without passing out, so little was her strength and breathing. She had been told by her Dr. that the lower portion of her lungs was dead and the disease would only progress. I sent her some MMS2 and she took 1 each hour for 3 doses. She quit because of a sever pain in her upper abdomin which began 45 minutes after the first dose. She continued anyway with 2 more doses before quiting. The next day when I spoke to her she was 50% better. By the 2nd day she was breathing better and walking about. Her doctor then took her off the high doses of Steroids she had been on and she is now, (5 days later) back to work and feeling better than she has in years! When she attempted to tell her Dr. (she is part of a COPD study) what she had done to make the sudden change he only said “I don’t want to hear about that!” What will he say when she continues to be well and the others in the study get worse? Praise God for the MMS and thank you Jim for bringing this to our awareness!

Mark ( Pennsylvania )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Bronchitis Cured

I suffered with a severe case of bronchitis every year in the winter for 5 years in a row. I found MMS and started taking it at the first sign of symptoms. I haven’t had bronchitis in over 3 years now. I take it once a week during cold season just as prevention and every time anyone in our household shows any symptoms of cold, flu, etc., we grab the MMS and start dosing. It works every time. Thanks so much for making this information available to the public.

M. Robinson ( South Carolina )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Asthma after contracting allergic bronchial aspergillosis, Gone!!!

I started very slow, 1 drop per day and then increased to 7 drops 9 times a day. At that moment I began with my usual asthma attack but not as severe as the ones which took me to the hospital 5 times in a year. The amazing thing it was that I could breath from the middle of my upper chest while my bottom part of lungs where full of mucus which I was coughing. Amazingly after 5 days with asthma like symptoms they stopped and I recovered after 3 weeks only. I haven\’t been sick nor taking any asthma medicines since 5 months ago. My blood work came negative for Aspergillus sp. God bless you, Mr. Jim Humble.

Maria R. ( Guatemala )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Family healthy!

From the first time we met,Dr. Humble. Ive given reference to the MMS Protocal to family and friends. Whether they used it or not? The results are awesome, I will always cherish the day! That trip to San Diego for funding might not of worked out but we have made an impact on the families in my life. I was the Tour Driver with the High School Band. Thanks for all that you do!

Dorian Pulliam ( Mesa, Az )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
amazing healing

I’ve been taking MMS for 2 years and could not ingest enough to win. Then added wrapping a towel over my body and found improvement. About 4 months ago began squirting 2 squirts in a tub and soaking in the bath and finally started winning. Increasing the quantity made breathing difficult. So 2 regular squirts and soak as often as possible and I’ve improved remarkably to near cleared. Absurd and astonishing these MMS soaks have me nearly well. Thank you Jim.

Dave Cunningham ( Florida )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Acne cured overnight

I started taking MMS because of a chronic infection of herpes zoster (chicken pox) virus that is causing singles in my ear nerve. I’ve been suffering from hormone related acne but because I’ve been so ill with the virus I’ve put off going on antibiotics. Last night I mixed the recommended mixture for MMS and MSO and applied it to the affected acne areas. This morning my acne is gone! Of course there is still the existing lesions, but the inflammation is gone as well as the postules that were emerging. I’ve not had such baby soft skin in years!

Diricia de Wet ( South Africa )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
Scabies gone in 2 weeks

I went to the doctor they prescribed some ointment cream ( ddt) and after one dose of that and then really reading about it I stopped and then wondered, great now I just put myself up for Cancer. My wife was all ready reading about you and we started with the baths after 1 week every other night it was gone. I still have the mental scare of it all, but your right on. Thanks

Roy Moore ( Scabies , Chesterfield, Mo )

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement:
smooth intake

Jim, I know of one person now who, thanks to my chiropractor, is now free of pancreatic cancer that was given 6 months to live. He did it in four weeks on a basic protocol of MMS. I also wanted to mention a new way I take MMS. I just got rid of big flu symptoms over night last night. I mix up MMS in a shot glass. Then I use an eyedropper to put it into vegie caps I buy from Starwest. If you put MMMS into empty caps, you will not experience discomfort. Andrew

andrew hunter ( oregon )