Using MMS to treat Ebola

We will not guarantee that MMS will cure Ebola; we did not had enough opportunity and time to test it out. But for long past years, MMS has cured a lot of disease and incurable disease known throughout the world, including malaria,, HIV/Aids, cancers of all kinds and much more, so there is a chance it will do the same with Ebola. Over 20,000,000 people all over the world have used MMS and hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved. If Ebola becomes a threat to you, or your loved ones, you will need to implement the Ebola protocols , but again, understand that MMS has not yet been proven effective with Ebola for lack of opportunity to test it out.

The experimental protocols described in this article are official sacraments of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. The user accepts 100% responsibility for any and all use made of any information herein.

Treating Ebola with MMS1

When you are sick with Ebola
First day:
A) Mix up a 6-drops dose of MMS/WPS. Take this 6-drop dose every 30 min. for 4 hours.
B) Then take 3-drop dose every hour for four hours

Day Two:
Take 3-drops of activated MMS every hour for eight consecutive hours.
Continue with this dosage every day for a total of 20 days.

If you are not sick with Ebola

If you are in an Ebola area or you think you have been exposed to Ebola: Use a 6-drops of activated MMS twice in the morning, one hour apart. Then take once, 6-drops dose in the evening. If you are in an Ebola country but not in an Ebola area: Take twice, 6-drop doses in the morning, one hour apart.
Never use MMS without the Activator: citric acid 50%, or HCl 5%,

Using MMS2 to handle Ebola
When you are already sick with Ebola
TThe first day take 1 capsule size 4 every 30 min. for two hours—this is 4 capsules in total. Then for another six hours, take 1 capsule every hour.
Second day to take 1 capsule of size 4 every two hours, until you have taken 5 capsules in total. Continue with this dosing for one week (7 days) or until well.
After you complete seven days of taking 5 capsules (every two hours apart), then drop down to taking 2 capsules a day, four hours apart. Do this for three weeks or until you are sure you are completely well.
If you are not sick with Ebola but
If you are in an Ebola area: Take 5 capsules a day every two hours.
If you are in an Ebola country but not in an Ebola area: Take 3 or 4 capsules a day. (Space them out by two hours).
If you are not in an Ebola area or country, but have concerns: Take 1 capsule a day. It’s good for you and will not hurt you.

Updated on November 2018