MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions – Tube Bath

Suffering from rashes, cold sores, dermatitis, eczema or even skin cancer to include melanoma? This protocol is for you.

In addition to taking oral doses of MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions it is possible to absorb MMS through the skin. While oral doses provide will deliver the solution primarily to the red blood cells, MMS that sinks through the skin will go directly to the liquid plasma of the blood. Since more Cl02 will circulate, more rapid benefits can be expected.
For some people this strategy has produced a breakthrough. By soaking for 20-30 minutes in a bath tub water activated with the MMS solution, people who had been unable to rise above a 7 drop oral solution were able to increase the supply of Cl02 gas in the blood stream without nausea.

MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions
1. WIPE OUT THE TUB to remove all soap and debris. Put no soap or other chemicals in the water. Adding more water does not weaken the CL02 that is being generated. Some people add 1/4 cup DMSO. (Not required but it may assist deeper penetration of the Cl02 gas.)
2. ACTIVATE MMS IN A CUP OR GLASS before adding to the tub water. Place 30 drops of MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions in a cup. Add 2.5 teaspoons of lemon juice or citric acid (150 drops). Plan for a 20 to 30 minute minute tub sitting. If you have open skin sores or severe body wounds, consider reducing the MMS to 20 drops mixed with 100 drops of citric acid or lemon juice (1.5 teaspoons) so that sensations of heat or burning will be reduced. Open sores usually heal quickly due to the disinfecting action of MMS. The 1 to 5 ratio is the normal MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions
3. MIX THE MMS WITH THE ACID AND SWIRL IN A CUP Wait 3 minutes. While waiting, draw 5 to 8 inches of hot water for bathing. Do not add soap, perfume or any bubble bath. The amount of water doesn’t matter. It is good to drink a separate 6 or 8 drop dose as well.
Diseases caused by bacteria or viruses will almost always be resolved through repeated exposure to MMS Cl02 gas.
4. ADD THE ACTIVATED MMS into the tub water. Stir it. Almost immediately all germs in the water will be eradicated. Some companies provide swimming pool systems that use this same strategy. Water does not reduce the amount of ClO2 gas that is being produced. Tub half full or very full doesn’t matter because the same amount of Cl02 gas will be produced by the activated MMS Miracle Mineral Solutions
5. LAY IN THE TUB. Rotate sides. Splash water onto the entire body – arms, neck, hair, face – all over. However, if water splashes in the eyes, just wipe it away. MMS doesn’t harm eyes – unlike shampoo. With a cup pour tub water onto the scalp (great for dandruff and itchy scalp problems).
6. ADD MORE HOT WATER. Heat opens the pores and MMS penetrates into the muscles. Massage the scalp with tub water. By the 3rd bath, skin moles may begin to crumble.
7. WIPE AWAY TUB DEBRIS when finished.

Updated on November 2018