What is MMS Solution used for?

Learn More About the MMS Supplement, please read Frequently Asked Question and concerns about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution)

The FDA issued a warning against MMS. Doesn’t that mean it’s dangerous?

It may cause diarrhea and nausea, a warning from FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), due to its detox reaction. However, selling it is legal in the United States, and you won’t have any problem buying it online, or maybe you can get this in local health stores, but I don’t have an idea about this.
In Canada, Health Canada (The organization for Food and Drug Administration) cracked down the suppliers of MMS, Subtle Energy Therapy, and the biggest supplier of the MMS in Canada, was cracked down by Health Canada and forced to stop the sales.
This is because of a complaint about the MMS received by Health Canada encouraging them to take the step and washout the MMS. Now Health Canada regulates all the supplements, and the supplement needs to have a Drug Identification Number (DIN), without it it’s illegal.

Why that is the FDA in US doesn’t like the supplement? Does it have potential side effects? Or deaths?
Not at all! There hasn’t been any report of even a single death from a nutritional supplement in United Stated for the last two years. On the other hand, more than 100,000 deaths are caused by the reactions of prescription pharmaceutical drugs in US only.
So when the government isn’t going as hard on MMS as it is on the other supplements due to its potential, we have planned to start selling it as Water Purification Drops as well since it serves this purpose too!
Isn’t it great? You can sell it as a common product rather than labeling it as a supplement.

How to administer MMS properly?

Start with getting a clean, dry cup and pour in 15 drops of MMS. Afterward, add the same number of drops of citric acid and mix them around a little.
Let it settle for the next 3 minutes and then exactly after it, pour water or preferably a glass of juice in it. Just drink it now!
But make sure you must be taking it on an empty stomach and drink it with a standard juice. If you are drinking it with vitamin enriched juices such as Vitamin C, it won’t be doing much good to you. Also, you can experience a feeling of nausea so take care of it as well. It is nothing to be worried about though!
Last but not least, you should not take it more than 15 drops at all. Even if you aren’t a huge person, make it less than 15.